Deus Ex: HR Augmentations Guide

Deus Ex: HR Augmentations Guide


With so many augmentations in the game, how can you determine which ones will pay off in the long term and which will not? We have the answers!

  • Arm Augmentations: Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis

    Instant Take-Down: You start the game with this. The takedown may not seem instant, but it is. The world clock pauses, and everything freezes as you engage in a takedown.

    Move/Throw Heavy Objects: You can move and throw heavy objects, such as vending machines, dumpsters, fridges, metal containers etc.

    Is it worth it? Yes. The ability to move objects allows you to get to areas previously inaccessible, reveal that hidden passage, or stack objects to get over that fence. You donít have to upgrade this immediately, but it is quite useful, especially as a stealth player.

    Punch Through Wall: As may be evident, you can punch through a wall. If there is an enemy on the other side of said wall, you will punch through, grab his neck, and snap it. Any other nearby enemies will also fall to the ground from the impact. Breakable wall segments exist throughout the game, but you can only seem them outlined if you have this augmentation. Simply walk up to the wall, and press your interact button to punch through it.

    Is it worth it? Yes. It is just one point, and there are a lot of areas peppered throughout the game that will allow you access to hidden stashes as well as alternate routes.

    Recoil Compensation 1-2: All weapons in Deus Ex: Human Revolution recoil. At Recoil Compensation 1, this is reduced by 50%. At level 2, recoil is eliminated altogether. Bear in mind though, that you will need points in Move/Throw Heavy Objects or Punch Through Wall.

    Is it worth it? If you are a stealth player, no. If you are an aggressive player, absolutely yes.

    Carrying Capacity 1-3: Your inventory size is limited. Each point invested in Carrying Capacity unlocks two additional columns of inventory space.

    Is it worth it? Depends on how much of a pack-rat you really are. The only reason to continue to carry weapons is to sell them later to weapons, as you will find them off of enemy bodies, in hidden stashes and weapon cabinets quite often. So if you choose to be careful with your inventory, you can actually get away with investing zero points in this. Towards the end, you can invest points in this tree if you have any to spare.

  • Arm Augmentations: Aim Stabilizer

    Aiming Motion Control 1-2: This augmentation reduces the bloom you see when moving by 50% at level 1 and eliminates it altogether at level 2.

    Is it worth it? As a stealth player, no. As an aggressive player, maybe. If bloom really bothers you, you can invest points in this augmentation later on. I found it to be a waste of points in any playing model.

  • Eye Augmentations: Smart Vision

    Wall-Penetrating Imager: This augmentation allows you to see outlines of enemies and other threats (cameras, lasers, robots, turret, alarm panels) through walls, including the floor and the ceiling. It has a limited range, about 30 yards, if I had to venture a guess.

    Is it worth it? Yes, but not immediately. You can wait a bit to focus on more critical upgrades, but you should definitely get this one. I didnít think this would be useful, but I have been wrong before. This can quickly become very useful as you find yourself activating it frequently to determine exact enemy positions. It also drains an energy cells at a very low rate, so you donít have to worry about running out of juice.

  • Eye Augmentations: Retinal Prosthesis

    Retinal Prosthesis: Displays the HUD. You start the game with this.

    Cooldown Timer: A suspicious enemy will investigate an area of disturbance (heard you running around, saw a grate open, heard something crash, saw you very briefly etc.) The enemy will be in an alert state during this time, and will go back to a relaxed state after a time. This augmentation tells you exactly how long before he goes back to a relaxed state.

    Is it worth it? No, avoid it like the plague.

    Flash Suppressant: Flash and concussion grenades will have no effect.

    Is it worth it? If you are feeling particularly wasteful and generous with your Praxis points, go ahead. But this is one augmentation that can wait until you have upgraded just about everything else.

  • Back Augmentations: Reflex Booster

    Multiple Take-Down: Allows you to take out two targets (lethal or non-lethal) if they are standing sufficiently close. If you take out two enemies after this augmentation upgrade, it will still only use up one energy cell.

    Is it worth it? The term ďno-brainerĒ was invented for situations like these. This is a critical upgrade, get it as soon as you can.

  • Back Augmentations: Icarus Landing System

    Descent Velocity Modulator: In addition to being able to fall off a building without taking damage, you can also activate a ground pound which will stun nearby enemies, opening them up to a devastating area attack like the Typhoon.

    Is it worth it? Not really. If you have points towards the end of the game, this can come in handy. Hengsha, for example, has plenty of quick drops that can save you some time. But this is not a critical upgrade and you can do without it the entire playthrough. I eventually invested in it because I had accumulated way too many Praxis points as a stealth player.