Deus Ex: HR Augmentations Guide

Deus Ex: HR Augmentations Guide


With so many augmentations in the game, how can you determine which ones will pay off in the long term and which will not? We have the answers!

  • Skin Augmentations: Dermal Armor

    Damage Reduction 1-3: Each level of Damage Reduction reduces the damage you take by 15% for a total of 45% decrease in damage.

    Is it worth it? If you are a stealth player, absolutely no. If you are an aggressive player, yes. You can wait a while before you upgrade it, but halfway through the game, you should have invested in this augmentation.

    Emp Shielding: EMP blasts and grenades, and any other electrical environmental damage will have zero effect on your health or your energy.

    Is it worth it? No. Aside from the second boss fight, I didnít find any area that I had trouble getting through. If you come across a floor with electricity lapping across it's surface, there is always a path that will lead you to a break which will turn off the electricity. Follow the same philosophy for Chemical Resistance: if you have spare points, go for it, otherwise you donít need this at all.

  • Skin Augmentations: Cloaking System

    Cloaking Longevity 1-3: You are invisible to the naked eye. At Cloaking Longevity 1, you will drain an energy cell in 3 seconds. Upgrading this augmentation to level 2 and 3 will drain your energy cell in 5 and 7 seconds respectively, allowing you to remain cloaked longer. Invisible does not equal silent. If you sprint while cloaked (without the silencing augmentation), enemies can still hear you.

    Is it worth it? If you are a stealth player, absolutely yes. It is not important to get this ability right off of the bat, but you should get it sooner than later. Continue to upgrade it as your Praxis points allow it. If you are an aggressive player, this still has some use to plan ambushes and to get away in tight firefights, but its utility is obviously significantly diminished.

  • Leg Augmentations: Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis

    Jump Enhancement: This upgrade allows you to jump up 9 feet. This is a huge boost over your previous jumping height and can really help you get over obstacles that are otherwise impassable.

    Is it worth it? It has some use, in the same vein that Move/Throw Heavy Objects has some use, but it is not a critical or immediate upgrade. Invest in this if you have spare points about halfway through the game.

    Sprint Enhancement: Allows you to run faster.

    Is it worth it? No, unless you have spare points. You have to run around quite a bit, but to waste a Praxis point so you can get there in 10 seconds instead of 12 seconds is folly.

    Run Silently: This is an activated ability, and it allows you to run around without generating any audible sounds for nearby enemies to pick up and come investigate. Running does not deplete your energy, even when Run Silently activated.

    Is it worth it? No. You can simply crouch move to move around silently. You should invest a point in here if you are incredibly impatient. In which case you are an aggressive player, so moving around silently isnít your top priority to begin with.

    Sprint Silently: Even though Run Silently does make you super quiet when running, you'll still make noise when sprinting. But not with this upgrade.

    Is it worth it? No. Come on. Hacking: Fortify is better than this. And that is saying a lot!

    Jump/Land Silently: Self-explainatory.

    Is it worth it? No.

  • Some General Pointers

    Any player:

    - Invest in hacking. It is an integral part of the world.
    - Get dual-takedown by the time you leave Detroit, it can come in very handy. Within Detroit it has very, very limited use. You can use it as both a stealth player for non-lethal and as an aggressive players for lethal takedowns. Go go elbow knives!
    - The social enhancer augmentation is quite useful, but if you have gone through most of the game and not invested in it, donít bother. The earlier you start using it the better.

    Stealth players:

    - Get invisibility
    - Try to invest in charging up your energy cells faster early on. The faster they charge, the quicker you can reuse that cell.
    - Punch through walls will open additional options for you.
    - Move/throw heavy objects will open additional options for you.
    - Seeing through walls is cool as hell, and very useful for planning the silent takedowns all over the playing field.

    Aggressive players:

    - Get Typhoon; make some of those firefights a whole lot easier.
    - Dermal Armor is critical, especially if you are playing at the ďGive me Deus ExĒ difficulty level.
    - Reduce your Recoil; it will greatly aid you as you are trying to focus fire an enemy.

    Non-critical (if you have spare points):

    - Carrying Capacity
    - Run Silently
    - Radar 2
    - Icarus Landing System
    - EMP Sheilding
    - Chemical Resistance

  • Additional Notes

    There are six manually activated abilities.

    - Takedowns. Single or double, these will deplete an energy cell.
    - Punch through wall. Like takedown, this will deplete an energy cell.
    - Typhoon. This activates ability will use up one energy cell.
    - See through walls. This ability drains an energy cell, but very, very slowly.
    - Run/Sprint silently. This ability drains an energy cell at a slow rate.
    - Invisibility. This ability, depending on how well you upgrade it, can deplete an energy cell in 3, 5 or 7 seconds.

That concludes our Augmentations Guide for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comments section below.