Deus Ex: HR Augmentations Guide

Deus Ex: HR Augmentations Guide


With so many augmentations in the game, how can you determine which ones will pay off in the long term and which will not? We have the answers!

  • Cranial Augmentations: Social Enhancer

    This augmentation takes two Praxis points. It is effectively a way to understand the personality type of the major plot characters you are speaking with, and to provide the answers that will allow you to get what you want out of them. As you are having a conversation, three boxes will pop up depicting the Alpha, Beta and Omega personality types. During the conversation, pay careful attention to which boxes light up, and select the appropriate conversation option to get what you want out of the conversation. Alpha is the leftmost option, Beta is the middle option, Omega is the right option. Every once in a while you will also be given the option to use Pheromones to get what you want. Activate the pheromones and continue using the Alpha/Beta/Omega system for maximizing your influence over the conversation.

    Is it worth it? Yes. You can get this augmentation halfway through the game, as you prioritize more critical augmentations, but it will come in handy throughout the story in both main and side missions.

  • Cranial Augmentations: Wayfinder Radar System

    Radar 1: Tracks enemies within 25 meters once you have physically spotted them. You start with this augmentation.

    Radar 2: Doubles your radar range to 50 meters, and eliminates the need for you to actually spot an enemy before they are tracked on your minimap.

    Is it worth it? Debatable. There are quite a few enhancements available for your minimap, but this is likely the most useful one. You donít need to invest in in it right away, so it isnít critical at the very start.

    Cranial Augmentations: Infolink

    Cochlear Implant: You can receive communications directly to your brain, so you don't have to worry about being overheard. You start with this augmentation.

    Subvocal Communication Implant: You can communicate with contacts wirelessly without making a sound. You start with this augmentation.

  • Cranial Augmentations: Stealth Enhancer

    Noise Feedback: This augmentation paints a small circle around your character when you make movement sound. But this circle is painted only on the minimap, not in the physical environment.

    Is it worth it? No. This is a useless augmentation because it really isnít helpful at all. Unfortunately, you must unlock it to get to a few other augmentations. Fortunately, the rest of the augmentations in this tree, as you will see below, are equally useless.

    Last Known Location Marker: This paints an icon of where an enemy last saw you, so you know where their attention is focused.

    Is it worth it? Hell no. You can glean the same information by simply looking at an enemy.

    Cones of Vision: This will allow you to see the cone of vision of your enemies on the minimap.

    Is it worth it? No. It would have been a different matter if the cones showed up in the physical world. About an hour or two into the game, you will have a fairly good idea of their cones of vision, rendering this augmentation completely obsolete.

    Mark and Track 1-3: This augmentation allows you to place an icon above the head of three enemies, allowing you to track their movement in the environment through walls and other obstacles. You can unlock two more levels, increasing the number of targets you can mark and track to 5 and 7 respectively.

    Is it worth it? No. This might have been useful if you didnít have to spend those precious Praxis points on useless augmentations to get to Mark and Track, but as it stands, you can skip this one altogether.