Deus Ex: HR Augmentations Guide

Deus Ex: HR Augmentations Guide


With so many augmentations in the game, how can you determine which ones will pay off in the long term and which will not? We have the answers!

  • Cranial Augmentations: Hacking: Capture

    Note: Please see our hacking guide for the definitive answer on how to hack your way through DE:HR.

    Capture 1-5: Capture 1 is unlocked from the start, allowing you to hack the most basic of devices and terminals (with a security rating of 1). You will need to upgrade this ability to hack the corresponding levels of security rating. If you have Capture level 3, you will only be able to hack devices up to a security rating of 3, but not 4 or 5. Each Capture point will cost a Praxis point.

    Is it worth it? Deus Ex: Human Revolution is filled with doors, terminals, safes, secret stashes, alarms and security terminals that you can hack to gain access to otherwise inaccessible areas. There is no getting around hacking. We would recommend that you upgrade this to Capture 4, but not waste another point in Capture 5. There are a very few level 5 devices in the game, and those can be unlocked using an AUD.

    Domination (Camera, Turret, Robot): You can spend three Praxis points on dominating cameras, turrets and robots respectively. Cameras will allow you to turn cameras off, allowing you some breathing room if you are going to sneak through an area. Turrets will allow you to disable a turret, or turn it on your enemies. With the strength enhancement, you can even carry the turret turning it into a mobile gatling gun! Robots will allow you to once again disable the synthetic sentries, or turn them on their allies. The camera domination is unlocked from the start.

    Is it worth it? Yes, but you can skip the turret and robot dominations, depending on your preference. For a stealth player, you can always sneak to a security terminal and disable all defenses in an area, making life much easier. As a combat player, you can choose to go in guns blazing, not caring for any of said defense mechanisms. Even then, the ability to turn turrets and robots on your enemies can be quite useful. Generally it is a good idea to upgrade these about midway through the game when turrets and robots start appearing with increasing frequency.

  • Cranial Augmentations: Hacking: Analyze

    Note: Please see our hacking guide for the definitive answer on how to hack your way through DE:HR.

    Detection Feedback: Allows you to see your chances of being detected at any node when you try to capture it. This is strange, because you can see your chances for detection on a node anyway.

    Is it worth it? Absolutely not. This is the most useless augmentation in the game, with the possible exception of…

    Analyze All Datastores: Allows you to see the contents of a Datastore before you capture it, to determine whether it contains extra experience, credits or a virus software.

    Is it worth it? … this one. Skip this tree altogether, no good will come of it.

  • Cranial Augmentations: Hacking: Fortify

    Note: Please see our hacking guide for the definitive answer on how to hack your way through DE:HR.

    Fortify 1-3: You start with Fortify level 1 at the start of the game. You can fortify captured nodes in the hacking mini-game to slow down the trace if you happen to trigger it. It comes in very handy for delaying the trace so you can complete your hack. Each point in fortify raises the security rating of that node by that many points, further delaying the trace.

    Is it worth it? No. You can invest points in this if you have plenty to spare by the end of the game, as it doesn’t hurt later on. I finished the game without ever touching this tree.

  • Cranial Augmentations: Hacking: Stealth

    Note: Please see our hacking guide for the definitive answer on how to hack your way through DE:HR.

    Stealth 1-3: You will need four Praxis points to fully upgrade to Stealth 3. Each level of Stealth lowers your chances of detection by 15% when capturing a node, for a total of 45%.

    Is it worth it? Absolutely yes. This is the most critical augmentation for hackers and it will save you a lot of headache. As stated before, you cannot get around hacking in DE:HR, so might as well strap in and invest those Praxis points. Unlike other augmentations that you can gradually upgrade, the sooner you max this out, the better.

  • Torso Augmentations: Sentinel Rx Health System

    Slowly regenerates your health up to 100. You start the game with this.

  • Torso Augmentations: Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter

    Energy Level Upgrade 1-4: You start with Energy Level Upgrade 1 from the beginning of the game. Each subsequent Praxis point invested gives you one additional energy cell.

    Is it worth it? No. The game only recharges your last energy cell automatically, so even if you unlocked all five energy cells, the only way to replenish them would be through Cyberboost bars and other energy foods. I finished the game without investing in the three energy cells.

    Base Recharge Rate 1-3: You start with Base Recharge Rate 1. This augmentation speeds up the recharge rate of your energy cell.

    Is it worth it? Eventually yes. At the start, you will want to save your Praxis points for more critical updates, but you want to eventually fully upgrade this. Unless you enjoy sitting around, as your energy cell takes its sweet time to charge up.

  • Torso Augmentations: Implanted Rebreather

    Chemical Resistance: Allows you immunity from toxic gases and gas grenades.

    Is it worth it? No. There are a very limited number of areas in the game where you would need this augmentation. And if I remember correctly, you can find a way around the gas-laden obstacle 100% of the time.

    Hyper-Oxigenation 1-2: Allows you to sprint for an extra 2.5 seconds at level 1, and 5 seconds at level 2.

    Is it worth it? No. While sprinting for longer may seem like a worthwhile investment in the massive game world, what the description does not tell you is that it takes as much longer for the sprint to charge back up, effectively diminishing the returns. Also bear in mind that you will need to invest 2 points in the nearly useless Chemical Resistance augmentation before you get to this one.

  • Torso Augmentations: Typhoon Explosive System

    Light Damage Variant: Launches mini-explosions in a 360 degree arc, at a range of 8m, killing everything but robots.

    Heavy Damage Variant: This upgrades the Typhoon ability to also take out robots.

    Is it worth it? If you are a stealth player, this ability has limited use, and in my experience, it only takes out the smaller robots, the larger ones are left unaffected. If you are an aggressive player, this is the ultimate ability that you can use to wipe out entire clusters of enemies. Be careful with the ammo though, it is hard to come by.