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Battlefield: Bad Company review


Destruction is the name of the game


Staying together is easy too. When you get into a room with friends, you can just play with them as long as you want. The game runs through each map, keeping the same people throughout each game. You will want to play together in order to get some of the game’s awards. Similar to Call of Duty 4’s challenges, Bad Company’s awards system is broken down into Trophies, Patches and Wildcards.

You must get a combination of different Trophies to get Patches and Wildcards have more of a random approach. For instance: to get a gold tank patch, you must first get 7 tank warfare trophies which call for killing 5 tanks while in a tank for 1 trophy. Along with destroying 2 tanks in tank combat and the bronze as well as the silver tank warfare patch. To get the “1 on 1 Air” wildcard for example you just have to kill the same helicopter you are flying while in a helicopter.

The awards give the game some legs and a good incentive to keep playing. Dog tags are back again so when you kill anyone with a knife, you get their dogtag and a link to their gamercard forever. Another good incentive is the rank system. Similar to Call of Duty 4’s structure, you get points based on what you do in battle that accumulates to a points tally which upgrades your rank. Each promotion in rank gives you one unlock point. This point is used to unlock different weapons and equipment for each class. Everything is one point, so you can pick from a healing syringe to a large ammo capacity heavy machine gun with laser sight right from rank 2. It works great and gives the player more of a choice in picking whatever you want to use first.

Not everything is unlocked for everyone. The ability to unlock anything is given to you, that particular unlock can only be used by the corresponding class it is unlocked under. There are 5 different classes in Bad Company: Assault, Demolition, Recon, Specialist, and Support. Assault is your basic all around soldier, equipped with an M4 or AK along side a grenade launcher to handle an array of different situations. Demolition is all about destroying structures or armored vehicles, equipped with rocket launcher and ant-tank mines. Recon is basically the sniper with a sniper rifle and laser guided missile to take out unwanted vehicle company. The Specialist is equipped with a silenced sub-machine gun and C4, quick and quite is their style. Support is just that, it can support your team with a health pack, tools to fix vehicles and a large machine gun to fend off groups of foes.

Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company is a perfect example of a talented developer taking an established franchise and fine tuning it to create a different experience. The new Frostbite Engine gives the destructibility of no other game out there. Online’s unique push and pull style of gameplay is very addicting. A much less serious story line is a welcome change to the now mundane “bad-ass marine” cliché that comes in so many games. With only a few shortcomings of just one gametype, slipper vehicle controls and cosmetic destruction this is still a great game. This has shown that the Battlefield franchise is anything but stale, they can take the series in any direction they want and it’s great to see more developers having that freedom. You won’t find a better military action game on of this scale on consoles period.


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