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Battlefield: Bad Company review


Destruction is the name of the game

All About the Gold

The real meat of Battlefield: Bad Company is the online side, not unlike other installments in the franchise, it’s always the crowd’s favorite. Toning it down from 64 player warfare to a much smaller 24 (12 vs. 12) player battleground, team work is the name of the game here. Team work has always been advised in Battlefield but with such huge player counts in the past you really didn’t feel like you were making a difference unless you where the guy in that jet, carpet bombing the enemy base. Now when you get into a fire fight with someone else, it really does matter who wins or loses. Changing the online to just one mode, Gold Rush, you are tasked with either defending or attacking a set of two gold crates at any given time. You will to have to use everything at your disposal to either keep the enemy at bay or blow them out of their defensive positions.

Gold Rush is all about the gold, and depending on which side of that gold you are on the strategy is very different. As a Defender you must stop the incoming hordes of enemies from destroying your gold crates. If you succeed in defending them, you win the match. If you fail, the map opens up and you get another chance at defending the gold. Two gold crates are in danger in each area. When both crates are destroyed, the map then gets larger and another two need protecting. The maps can open up to very large vistas and as it gets larger, bigger arsenal are added to your army. Additional bases can have an array of turrets or vehicles to help you fend off your enemy.

The Attacker is the aggressor, invading each base and killing everyone in sight. As an attacker you must get to the enemy base and destroy the gold crates any way possible. Going up to a crate and planting a charge on it is the most effective way but also the most dangerous. Going from a distance and just shooting the crates is a lot less risky but in the same regard a lot less effective. Strategy is your ally on the battlefield and a good team that works together can make the difference between victory and defeat. Rolling up in multiple vehicles and calling out enemy positions is the recipe for success and it’s not without incentive, you get score bonuses for killing or defending with your team. Finding a good group is hard but the experience improves ten fold when you do.


The 8 different maps for online play all look and feel different with strategic bottles neck areas and vantage points to discover. One map has you fighting or defending from two separate farm areas separated by a huge field. Long range tank combat and sniping is a blast but when the tanks get close it’s time to whip out the rocket launcher. Another map has you in a middle-eastern type of setting with desert as far as the eye can see and nothing but brittle shanty towns protecting you from tank and helicopter fire. Each map plays slightly different and calls for tweaking your strategies but everyone follows the overarching layout of road, town, road and town. It would be nice to see some more variety in that regard but there’s always downloadable content for that.


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