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Forza Motorsport 2 review


Forza Motorsport 2 brings you the best current console racer

I know my bumper is around here somewhere (cont.)

The slightest damage will affect vehicle handling in some way. Even if you just crumple your front bumper with a “friendly” nudge in turn one, you might lose a few MPH off your top speed due to reduced aerodynamics. If you damage the steering or brakes, good luck cornering without eating grass or another wall. Graphically, the damage representation is limited to simple things: windows shatter, bumpers and spoilers fly off and the dents and scratches are plentiful. Unfortunately, there is no animation for a catastrophic wreck. Glancing off a wall at 90mph will only look a little different from plowing nose first into the same barrier.

Gentlemen! Start your generic engines!

The audio for Forza 2, for the most part, is pretty generic. Engine sounds do vary depending on make and model, but it's clear after enough of play that engines just sound like engines and tires still sound like tires. Again, the sound effects aren’t bad, just generic. Aside from the engines sounding alike after a while, the doppler effects make you love the fact you have surround sound. You can often hear your opponent creeping up on you before you really know where he is.

The menu screens on the other hand are accompanied by some really great tracks from a variety of artists. Unfortunately however, none of these tracks make their way into the actual game. So, for the duration of the race, all you have to listen to is your engine, or the engine of the guys passing you by and a bunch of tire squealing. True, it is a race game and perhaps not having a musical accompaniment during a race my increase the immersion, but after a while, it does get old.

Jerry was a race car driver

The replay value of the single player career mode has a limited lifespan. You can always opt to drive different vehicles, but in the end, it's still the same races against the same opponents. The replay value truly shines with the X-Box's Online Career mode. When playing online, you can test your skills against the world while still advancing your personal racing career. Beware though, race hosts can weed out the competition by setting high qualification standards, such as no active ABS or TCS. So if you register for a race, make sure you can keep up.

Besides online play, Forza 2 offers the Forza Auction House. This location allows the Forza community to auction off cars of any style and rarity for a price. Acting much like a standard auction, if you bid on something, you have to stay on it and hope for the best, because there is no way to simply buy out an auction. Vehicles can also be given to worthy friends as a gift.


In the end, Forza 2 has proven itself to be an outstanding title in most areas. The game has only minor blemishes in areas that are easily forgivable in light of the excellent quality and gameplay. Even when the game reaches absurd levels of frustration, you can simply tune down the difficulty until you get back into your skill zone and continue on. The X-Box Live offers literally limitless opportunities, allowing you to advance your career online and take part in the Forza community by racing against friends and peers.


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