Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves review
Matthew Bishop


Embark on a hunt for Marco Polo's age-old treasures


Most of the various gameplay mechanics are very satisfying. But as with any game, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is not perfect. The cover mechanic can be troublesome at times and be too sticky in certain areas. You may find yourself having been killed because as you were running you got stuck to an obstacle of some kind. But do not let these issues cloud your judgment when it comes to picking up this game, as they are not issues that should be paid a considerable amount of attention. The game is not very punishing when it comes to the lower difficulty levels, but provides a challenge to veteran gamers on the harder ones.

The voice acting and music choices could not be better. They immerse the player in the action and make it feel as though it surrounds them, even though you are sitting in your boring old living room. The dialogue is witty and humorous doing a great job of telling the story to even the youngest of players.

Multi and single player

The multiplayer is fun and engaging so it will leave you coming back for more for a little while, but when there are games that do better on the PS3, most players will migrate back to them before consistently playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' multiplayer again and again. The single player adventure on the game's hardest difficulty settings is great for one or two times through, but after that you have more or less played it to death. Do not be fooled though. Lacking replayability is the least of this gem's worries; it has a full arsenal of obstacles to keep you busy throughout the single player campaign.

For those still craving something more, the player is given the option of playing in a cooperative battle of up to three players. Each player will take on a different role, one of the main protagonist, Drake, and the other two of his companions Sully and Chloe. These levels provide a look into fierce firefight battles, the wonderful platforming experience of the single player game, as well as new teamwork based objectives that players will have to figure out. As not to confuse anyone, the cooperative multiplayer is only available online and is not a split-screen adventure.

The idea of having the game automatically post updates to Twitter as you are connecting to multiplayer is genius. Developers that have played this game should realize that a feature like this needs to be included in any online multiplayer title in the future. It shows friends what you are playing and when, as well as giving them the opportunity to join in on the action without them having to be online at the same time. It almost makes you wonder why this has not been integrated into past titles any sooner.


In short, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves comes highly recommended and is something that a hardcore or casual gamer could enjoy on many levels. Engaging combat, swift puzzles, and glorious platforming are all available to be enjoyed. Telling the tale of our great treasure hunter, Drake, could not have been done better.


fun score


Engaging combat, swift puzzles and glorious platforming.


The cover mechanic can be troublesome at times.