Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves review
Matthew Bishop


Embark on a hunt for Marco Polo's age-old treasures

Stealth run gun action

Our adventure with Uncharted 2 begins with our protagonist, Nathan Drake, hanging from a train car that is dangling over the edge of a mountain. A dangerous situation for most people it is something akin to a walk in the park for you, or at least for as long as you are in the skin of Nathan. As you shimmy your way up the train car, things get even hairier as the train starts sliding further and further down the cliff. As you reach the end, the train car has gone over, leaving you clutching to the rocks for dear life. Consider it a superb beginning to an adventure that you will never forget. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves seamlessly combines the stealth action of a game like Metal Gear Solid with the run and gun action of Gears of War.

As in the first game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the dialogue is swift and amusing and will lead players to love the persona of Drake created by its developer Naughty Dog. From sarcastic comments to quick jokes about tough situations, Drake is ultimately a likable protagonist that players will enjoy getting comfortable with throughout the game.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a beautiful action-adventure game and certainly does the PS3 justice. Whether it is detailing a mountainside of Nepal, or a deep, hot jungle, the graphics feel as though they put you right beside Drake during his entire journey. Detailing the setting is not all that Naughty Dog is good at however, as the beautiful character models and objects throughout the game are instantly noticeable to a gamer of any age. The beautiful visuals do not come without a price however, as the load times for the game are quite long. After installing the game on your console, you should notice things speed up a little bit though.

This game isn't all about platforming, stealth kills, and running and gunning. There is also the pleasure of solving nifty puzzles dispersed throughout the game. Although not as engaging as an explosive battle, the puzzles still provide you with a sense of realism in something that a real treasure hunter might encounter. While solving puzzles, the player must manually flip through Drake's personal journal for clues as to how they might be solved. This too provides a sense of realism as you feel as though you are inside the game, doing all of the actions that you would be doing if you actually were a treasure hunter.


You have a variety of weapons to choose from and combat never seems to get old. Whether you are unloading rounds from your AK-47 into an enemy soldier or lobbing a grenade into a nearby horde of unsuspecting enemies, the fast-paced combat system delivers and will not leave anyone unsatisfied. There is a definite guilty pleasure that can be had in being able to get in close to someone and snapping their neck silently, but in the same moment being able to get in close to someone in a firefight battle and shotgun them into next week.


fun score


Engaging combat, swift puzzles and glorious platforming.


The cover mechanic can be troublesome at times.