The Chronicles of Spellborn

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The Chronicles of Spellborn


Promising MMO in the works

"What lies hidden... Must be found"

In a world, torn asunder during a time that even history has forgotten, the men and women of the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices venture forth to join a struggle of political intrigue, a war of influence and to recover the lost history of their world. These are The Chronicles of Spellborn.

Sensory Overload

The Chronicles of Spellborn is the newest member to the fantasy MMORPG genre and it is currently under development by Spellborn International Ltd. The game promises to revolutionize the MMORPG genre. The world of TCoS is rich with its own unique lore and artwork. The Spellborn team has done an amazing job developing an original "European Style" fantasy setting, the kind of which is yet to be seen in any other MMORPG. Along with an outstanding art design, the musical score to TCoS is the work of composer Jesper Kyd, who is known for his exceptional work on the Hitman series. With such a powerful showing in the art and music departments, combined with the use of the Unreal 2.5 engine, TCoS is sure to drive players into sensory overload.

The lore of TCoS is rich and detailed and it plays a crucial part in your role as a hero in this new world. In ages long lost to time and history, the ancient world was destroyed by a cataclysm of unknown origins. In its aftermath, large chunks of the ancient world were left floating in a magical void, known as the Deadspell Storm. These large floating landmasses, called Shards, are now the home of a combined civilization of humans and an ancestral race called the Daevi. The people are ruled by five separate houses who are together known as the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. As a player, you will swear fealty to one of these five houses as you explore your world and begin your adventuring career.

Is two enough?

Upon character creation, the player will immediately notice that only two playable races are available, the Humans and the Daevi. This may seem restrictive, to say the least, to many. However, these two races are integral to the lore and history of TCoS. The thought of only two playable races may certainly send images of hundreds of cookie cutter players running around noobie zone, but never fear. One of TCoS highlights is the highly customizable character creation process. Unlike in many other similar systems, this character individuality doesn't simply end as soon as you find your first set of armor or receive your first quest reward. Your character can maintain his/her own appearance as the player sees fit throughout the character's lifetime. Though the TCoS lore offers a great deal of room for additional playable races, this option will be reserved for possible expansions in the future.

A new twist

Though every MMORPG will share certain characteristics with similar titles, TCoS takes an enormous step forward by introducing new gameplay elements that may change the way developers and players approach the MMO world. With the recent coming of real time combat in newer MMORPGs, TCoS has developed a way to possibly improve the real time combat system even further. Combat in TCoS will share elements inspired by the FPS genre. There will be no auto attack of any kind. You can not simply stand there and swing a weapon until your target is dead. Attacking, blocking and movement will all be done manually by the player. Auto targeting is also not included in the combat system. This system will truly test the skills of even the most hardened PvP player. Another change to the combat system will be the skill deck. As your player advances and learns new skills and abilities, they will be added into a skill book of sorts. These skills can then be selected by the player to be put into a five slotted bar, called a 'Tier'. Players will have six tiers in total.