The Chronicles of Spellborn

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The Chronicles of Spellborn


Promising MMO in the works

A new twist (cont.)

As combat progresses, the tiers will cycle though as the player uses skills from the active tier. The cycle will continue until the combat is resolved. Only one skill may be used per active tier. This obviously sounds unusual for an MMORPG. However, this feature is going to add a staggering amount of strategy and preparation to the player. This Tier system allows players to build and practice limitless combinations, tactics, and defenses. A strategy or combination that works well in PvE, may be quickly dismissed in PvP as the opposing player counters your actions with his own developed tactics. The skill deck system also allows you to develop your strategy from the very beginning. No skill your character learns will ever go obsolete. Unlike other titles in the MMORPG genre, your first basic skill will be just as effective at level 50 as it was at level 1 because it will develop with your character as he gains levels.

At the moment, the class development is split into three basic castes, Warriors, Spellcasters, and Rogues. However, this is where the common ground with other similar titles ends. In each caste, there are three classes, making nine in total. Each class may resemble common everyday classes in other titles, but again, the rich lore of TCoS offers classes such as the Blood Warrior, Furyhammer, Oracle Disciple, Dead Hand, and the Facedancer (Yes I said Facedancer). Your base caste, warrior, mage, or rogue will be chosen at character selection. During gameplay and advancing levels, the paths to the final classes will become available.


Other highlights of TCoS include a level 50 level cap, a Personal Experience Point system (PeP) which allows you further customization of your character and eliminates the need for a death penalty, and a system which allows status rewards for an individual or a guild. Players may be rewarded with a statue bearing there likeness for exceptional PvP performance or other great deeds. Guilds also have a great deal of incentive and flexibility with guild appearance and customization from everything from simple guild colors to having a uniformed guild suit of armor.

Final Thoughts

The Chronicles of Spellborn is going to be a title to look out for in the coming months. Currently the game is in closed beta, and its release is tentatively set for Q2 of 2006. With a title such as this, offering new innovative ideas, it will be exciting to see if The Chronicles of Spellborn will give some of the MMO giants a run for their money.