Post-apolacyptic Earth and fast vehicles

Great expectations

Rage is the much anticipated first-person action shooter and driving game from id Software and gaming great John Carmack and his Doom development team. EA Games is the publisher and the release date has been pushed back from mid 2009 to a “when it’s done” time frame sometime in 2010. A statement such as “when it’s done” is vintage Carmack mainly because he wants to ensure the best gaming experience possible and we all know he always delivers.

Rage is intended for the PC but it will have PS3 and Xbox 360 versions at a later date. There have been numerous reports of a watered down Xbox 360 version due to the 360’s data storage limitations. However id Software assures us that these limitations can and will be worked out before Rage is released.

Another gloomy future

Rage is a combination shooter and driving/racing game. It takes place in very detailed areas of a vast and desolate landscape that has been ravaged by a massive asteroid impact into the Earth. Even with this devastation, humanity has managed to survive because of advanced warning. Humanity has weathered this disaster secured in a vast underground bunker. Upon emerging from this safe but temporary environment leaders of the human race are intent on rebuilding civilization.

However, things haven’t gone exactly as planned. A once hospitable world is now inhabited by ugly mutants looking for an easy victim and fierce rival human gangs bent on rebuilding the world as they see fit. So you as the main character in this cataclysmic mess certainly will have your work cut out for you as you battle your way to a positive outcome.

The main mode of transportation in this world is via a vehicle that can only be described as your life’s blood. If you leave the safety and comfort of your vehicle during an inopportune time then you can easily become mutant toast. The vehicles mount various weapons systems such as Gattling and machine guns. When you come across an enemy that needs killing you can blast away to your heart's content.

The vehicles also serve to provide the player with a means of acquiring new weapons and a rather impressive inventory of other sci-fi based game items. All of this is done by winning races. Being that this is a vehicle-dominated world then your personal garage can contain numerous vehicles and there are various vehicles for each different job.