Post-apolacyptic Earth and fast vehicles

Massive world

Rage is a massive game in that the world is simply immense in size and visual splendor. This massiveness requires large amounts of digital storage space. The game requires over 80 gigabytes of uncompressed hard drive space. The Xbox 360 version comes on 3 DVD disks and the PS3 game comes on one Blue-ray disk. One stumbling block that concerns the Xbox 360 version is Microsoft’s insistence on charging extra royalty fees for games that contain more then two disks. Id reports that the PlayStation version will be visually better then the 360 version if they cannot come to terms with Microsoft and only two DVDs are implemented. Again, id is confident that a work around can be agreed upon.

Astounding game engine

Id’s new tech 5 game engine is the core component and it is the reason for the impressive and well lit graphics seen in the game. Gone are the Doom 3 days of dimly lit corridors filled with hideously blocky monsters. Now all the monsters are outdoors in the sunlight and they are very detailed. Although Rage is a massive game it’s not designed to be a big sandbox type of game where you can just roam around at your leisure. Rage, although not totally scripted, does require that certain sections be completed before the plot can be advanced.

Rage is much more then just a driving and shooting game. It has a built-in economy model where the player can trade the items they win in races with NPCs. There are many different cities that can be traveled to and they are all controlled by different human factions. Once you become friendly with these different factions then you can acquire weapons and vehicle upgrades from them. You can also customize your vehicle with their colors and use unique insignia.

The developers are including a multi-player mode for Rage and it is of the co-op variety. You won’t be able to play the entire single-player game through with a friend but there are sequences where one player can do the driving and the other one can take care of the shooting. Also look for special racing and death match game modes.

Worth looking forward to

Rage is a game that comes with great expectations in addition to anticipation. John Carmack and id Software are masters when it comes to developing action shooters such as this. Doom was a game where players slogged their way through a maze of dark corridors while trying to survive an onslaught of hideously deformed monsters. Rage is similar in that you have to fight to survive; only this time all of the fighting is from a heavily armed vehicle out in the bright sunlight, which is a first one for id. Rage adds other elements that will be sure to set this post-apocalyptic Mad Max “Beyond Thunder Dome” epic apart from all of the competition. Stay tuned because the year 2010 will soon be here and then we can all enjoy another id and John Carmack gaming hit!