Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars review


Hours of challenging gameplay and fun that will keep you coming back for more

Welcome to 2047

It is the year 2047 and all hell has finally broken loose. After years of dwindling Nod activity, some believed that its charismatic leader Kain was dead and that Nod was beginning to crumble from within. A fatal mistake as it turned out. In one major coordinated offensive, Nod struck a devastating blow to GDI by eliminating its upper chain of command in a single attack while simultaneously attacking all of the GDI controlled territories. Welcome back commander indeed!

Earth in 2047 is a war torn world poisoned with the spreading infestation of Tiberium. Tiberium, is as highly toxic to humans, as it is valuable. Nod fanatically fights for the spreading of the crystal believing it is the catalyst for the next step in human evolution. GDI tries to harnass the power of Tiberium but does not believe in the incontrolled spreading of the substance. Currently, the world is spread into three categories of regions, Red, Yellow and Blue. Red regions are heavily contaminated with Tiberium rendering the area uninhabitable by normal means. Red zones are also in complete control by Nod forces. Yellow regions make up most of the Earths surface. Containing large amounts of contamination by Tiberium but still able to support life. The Yellow zones are home to the majority of the worlds population. These yellow zones tend to be military hotspots where Nod and GDI clash. Finally, the blue zones are the uninfected areas of the world. Blue zones are under secure control of the GDI forces and have become world cultural and economic zones. These blue zones are considered the last refuge of civilization.

Command and Control

The controls to Tiberium Wars are smooth and streamlined if nothing else. Though advanced controls can become complicated very quickly, the basic commands are easy to use and can be executed quickly. With prompting from your Tactical computer, the combat map is as quick to navigate as it is easy. With a series of simple clicks, you can jump from one point of the map to another, deploy your troops to that location and jump to yet a third location to ensure your defensive network holds against a small attack. The menu is very flexible and offers a great deal of customization for hotkey mapping and fine tuning for personal preference.

Own thy friend, and Battlecast it!

Multiplayer is what Command and Conquer has been all about from its original conception. Tiberium Wars will not disappoint. Multiplayer from Tiberium Wars is everything that would be expected by such a veteran series such as this one. Command and Conquer 3 is home to its own online competitive community. Players can choose between ranked or unranked multiplayer and between the choice of making a custom match between friends or allowing the Automatch function to find an opponent of similar rank for you. For those who wish to follow the ranked ladder competition, after each match, win or lose, they will be awarded with Level Points. These points will reflect different aspects of the played match including Skill and Sportsmanship. This will result in your movement up or down the Rank Ladder.

In addition to a very in-depth multiplayer community, multiplayer is brought to another level of interaction with the inclusion of VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. VoIP allows players to voice chat with teammates or clan mates during matches. VoIP also plays a part in a new aspect of online multiplayer competition, Battlecast. Battlecasts are live broadcasts of an online match which allows the match to be viewed by spectators who may not even own Command and Conquer 3. As a spectator of a Battlecast, you may watch the battle unfold through the eyes of any of the participants, by a free roaming camera, or with a commentator offering a 'view and spoken analysis of the battle'. To prevent the chance of a spectator influencing the outcome of an ongoing match, Battlecasts are set up with a predetermined time delay that can span between 10 and 120 minutes.


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