Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars review


Hours of challenging gameplay and fun that will keep you coming back for more

Battlefield Supremacy

The game wastes no time in throwing the player right into the action of the new storyline of the Tiberium Wars. Both Nod and GDI offer single player storylines that are split up into several 'acts'. Mission progression follows the standard difficulty progression as the AI develops from dumb to challenging. Missions tend to follow a set linear path, however, the player occasionally is offered a choice between what mission to accomplish before another. This may offer up new technologies at a different time, but ultimately, all the missions are still completed in a relatively linear fashion.

The feeling of gameplay is reminiscent of the older Command and Conquer titles. Combat is fast and to the point. Technology needed to develop certain units will be unlocked to the player through the course of the campaign play. At the end of each mission, the player will be graded and ranked based on time elapsed, optional objectives completed and primary objectives completed. Completing all optional and primary objectives may unlock new information into a database about military forces of both Nod and GDI, environmental points of interest, and point on the developing story.

C&C3 calls some old favorites back into action. Fans will recognize many units and abilities from Red Alert 2, however, GDI and Nod are not the only factions in this universe fighting over Tiberium. Command & Conquer 3 introduces the Scrin, a highly technologically advanced species who share an origin as mysterious as Tiberium itself. The Scrin, unlike any human, can thrive and actually heal themselves through Tiberium exposure. Their technology far surpasses anything GDI or Nod has at their disposal. Several Scrin vehicles actually have dual functions based on the Scrins ablity to heal from Tiberium exposure. The Corrupter for example, sprays corrosive Tiberium based slime with devastating effect against soft Nod and GDI targets. Any Scrin infantry caught in the blast however, will be healed. The Scrin Devourer Tank also have a benefit of being able to consume raw Tiberium to super-charge a salvo from its Proton Beam weapon. Needless to say, since neither GDI or Nod has proof of motivation of the Scrin, they are being treated as hostile and a serious threat to both factions.

Sights, Sounds, and Personalities of the Battlefield

Visually, C&C: Tiberium Wars is stunning. The native resolution is set a little low by default, but the menu options for tweaking and tuning are impressive. The detail of the battlefield is brought to life with full structural damage on building, equipment and vehicles through its different stages of damage severity. You can watch debris and chunks of building fall to the ground as you bombard an enemy garrisoned apartment building.

Most surprising however were the HD movie scenes in between missions. EA didn't skimp on the production value at all for Tiberium Wars, casting a full professional cast and crew. The player will find the storyline being played out by well-known Hollywood names such as Michael Ironside, Billy Dee Williams, as well as Grace Park and Tricia Helfer, both of whom hail from the popular Sci-fi TV show Battlestar Galactica. Joe Kucan, easily recognized as the original Kain for the Command and Conquer series, makes his return as well. The entire cast of Tiberium Wars does an outstanding job which adds a fine polish to an already strong title.

Needless to say, the voice-over work goes hand in hand with the excellent job in casting for Tiberium Wars. Though there are countless other voiceovers in this title, all of them are extremely well done and fit perfectly into the story and theme of the story. Each unit has its own series of voice-over tag lines. There are only a few per unit, so having a unit repeat himself every time you issue a command is unavoidable. The sound track of Tiberium Wars is excellent and professionally composed. The musical scoring fits the ongoing situation of gameplay perfectly. Whether it is the stomping of boots running across the street to the rumble of tank treads, Tiberium Wars is a delight to listen too, let alone play.

In closing

Real Time Strategy titles have a naturally high replay value since no single engagement is every truly the same. There may be similarities, but the chances of the exact same thing happening -even against the AI- is unlikely. Aside from pulling ones hair out in frustration, Command & Conquer 3 will provide a great deal of playability before it begins to get stale.

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars delivers everything expected from the long standing C&C series. With easy and fun gameplay that still offers up a challenge along with massive multiplayer community content. Whether you are playing solo with the well written campaign storylines or you have found your competitive spirit among the ranked multiplayer community, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars will offer up hours of challenging gameplay and fun that will keep you coming back for more.


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