Top Ten Mods for Skyrim

Top Ten Mods for Skyrim


Hooked Gamers shares their Top Ten mods for Skyrim. Imagine what the game will have to offer once the developer kit is released to the public!

I've Been Playing Skyrim for HOW Long?

You can travel from one end of the open world in Skyrim to the other without ever having to see a loading screen. However, loading screens are a very integral and continuous part of Skyrim. Whether you are entering a building, or fast traveling, you will see the loading screen a lot.

Top Ten Mods for Skyrim

The same genius behind Lockpick Pro also created this mod. This mod simply gives you the current computer time in the lower-left hand corner of the loading screen, so you are constantly reminded of the insane number of hours and sleep you are losing to Skyrim on a daily basis. Although it does not impact the game directly, I have found this mod to be very useful to keep track of how long I have been playing. My first play session in Skyrim lasted nearly five hours, and I didn't even realize it!

Mod: Display time on loading screen

Gaia Would be Proud

The world of Skyrim is massive. It has rolling plains, lush jungles, and snowy mountains and they are made all the more believable by the sheer volume of vegetation that peppers its landscape.

Top Ten Mods for Skyrim

The Vurts Skyrim Flora Overhaul mod aims to replace all in-game natural textures with high-resolution, photo-realistic images to give a more immersive outdoor experience to the game. The results, put simply, are astounding.

Mod: Vurts Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Overwhelming Markers

The in-game compass is a nifty little device that gives you directional information on your current objective, places of interest, quest markers, nearby enemies and several other elements. This amount of information can be a little overwhelming at times. The Compass Tuner mod allows you to toggle every type of indication on the compass.

Top Ten Mods for Skyrim

Nearby visited locations, nearby unknown locations, entrances/exits in interior environments, quest markers, enemy markers, and custom markers can all be toggled to fit your needs.

Mod: Compass Tuner

A Game Without Borders

If you Alt-Tab from the game a lot, and have some trouble tabbing back in (I have found that you have to Alt-tab to the window TWICE for it to work), then this is the mod for you.

It runs Skyrim in windowed mode, but the window is created without a border. If anyone has ever played World of Warcraft in Windowed Full-screen, this is effectively what this mod accomplishes.

Mod: Borderless Window

Getting Right Into the Thick of Things

I don't mind intro logos for developers or publishers. But when you see it for the umpteenth time, and it is not skippable, it can get a little annoying. This simple mod completely removes the intro, and takes you straight into the game menu when you launch the game.

Mod: Skip Bethesda Intro

BONUS: Take a Step Back, Man (FOV Command)

This isn't a mod, simply a tweak that I found very useful. Load the game. In the game world press the tilde key (~). Now type "fov 85" (without the inverted commas) and press enter. Notice the difference? Just play with it until you find the perfect fov angle.

Well folks, that is all we have for you as far as the Skyrim Mods are concerned. If you have trouble installing any, or would like to recommend your own, comment below.