Top Ten Mods for Skyrim

Top Ten Mods for Skyrim


Hooked Gamers shares their Top Ten mods for Skyrim. Imagine what the game will have to offer once the developer kit is released to the public!

It has been two weeks since Skyrim was released, and most of us have lost dozens of hours chasing that ever-elusive antelope, or sinking our blades into the scales of dragons. While console users are stuck with the game "as-is", PC gamers have the option of tweaking the game to their liking, and modding an Elder Scrolls game has been a time-tested and long-standing tradition in the community.

This game did not release with developer tools right off the bat, but that has not stopped the community from coming up with some really original ideas for improving an already great game. Here is Hooked Gamers Top 10 Skyrim Mods, two weeks after the release.


• World Map in Full 3D
• FXAA Post Processor Injector
• Lockpick Pro
• Arrowsmith
• Glowing Ore

• Display time on loading screen
• Compass Tuner
• Borderless Window
• Skip Bethesda Intro
• Console Command