Top Ten Mods for Skyrim

Top Ten Mods for Skyrim


Hooked Gamers shares their Top Ten mods for Skyrim. Imagine what the game will have to offer once the developer kit is released to the public!

Would You Like Some Street View with Your Map?

One of the (few) grievances I have had with Skyrim was the terrible world map. It barely gives you any real indication of your surroundings, nor does it help you determine the best path to your current objective. It is blurry, only allows to zoom in a little bit and there is no way to rotate.

This isn't a mod so much as it is a tweak, but it makes a world (map) of a difference to the game. You can zoom in all the way to the ground, and at least in your immediate surroundings, everything is rendered exactly as it would appear in the real world. Once I heard the tell-tale chime of a Nirnroot nearby, but I couldn't find it no matter where I moved. So I went into the world map, zoomed in all the way to the ground and panned the camera around until I found the elusive little bastard. Then I closed the world map and made my way over to it. The applications are simply endless.

There are a few drawbacks though. When inside a city (or interior environment), the world map isn't rendered (because the world isn't rendered). But when you use the map indoors, just press "L" to load up the local map, which is a lot better than the world map. It details all doors etc. Second, the mod only renders the environment within about 500 meters of you in full detail and this detail goes away after a while. This isn't much of a nuisance, but if it turns out to be a problem, just move to the next point on the map and take another look at the World Map which will then be fully rendered.

Mod: World Map in Full 3D

Beautifying Skyrim

The FXAA Post Processor Injector mod is a work of art. After installing it, you can press the "Pause" key to turn it on or off. I can spout oodles of praise for this mod, but I think the comparison screenshot does a much better job.

Top Ten Mods for Skyrim

Put simply, the FXAA mod makes your game come alive and look a lot prettier, even if you are running the game on the :Ultra" settings. The best part about this mod is that it has a minimal memory footprint, so even the most ancient machines can benefit from its post-processing.

Mod: FXAA Post Processor Injector

The Irony of Cheating the Lockpicking Mini-Game

Do you enjoy Lockpicking? I don't, and I know a lot of players who don't. The lock-pick mini-game in Skyrim is perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of the game for me. Not only does it take a while, but it takes forever to level, and even then, you need to spend those hard-earned perk points to make picking locks easier. This mod will likely be recognized as "cheating" by the purists, but at the end of the day, it eliminates a frustrating aspect of the game for me, and makes it significantly more fun.

Top Ten Mods for Skyrim

Lockpick Pro comes in two flavors. The first version of the mod gives you a health percentage for your lockpick, so you can avoid breaking it as you struggle with the lock. The second version gives you the health percentage with a meter up top. If you spin the pick into the blue area, the lock will open if you attempt it. Spinning the lock with the pick in any area outside the middle blue area will break the lockpick.

Mod: Lockpick Pro

Fully Realize Your Robin Hood Fantasy

As an archer, I have no trouble finding Steel Arrows. All I have to do is go to a main city and pickpocket the arrows off of every guard in the vicinity. It takes a while, but you pick up several other items in the process and 2-300 arrows. However, in the later stages of the game, Steel Arrows simply won't cut it. It always bothered me that the Blacksmithing profession allowed you to craft all kinds of weapons and armor from a large number of materials, but not arrows.

Top Ten Mods for Skyrim

Arrowsmith fixes this problem. Apparently, the code for fletching was already in the game, but the process was never made available. After installing this mod, just approach any forge in-game and look under the MISC category. Viola, you can create arrows. Better hold on to that Firewood and those Hawk Feathers!

Mod: Arrowsmith

Oooh Shiny!

There are ore veins everywhere in the world of Skyrim, but unlike the vegetation, it is easy to miss if you are distracted by the wide variety of activities Skyrim throws at you. Glowing Ore simply applies some new skins to all the ore textures in the game, so they are easier to spot in the surrounding environment.

Top Ten Mods for Skyrim

This does not guarantee that you will always see the ore, especially since you will be distracted most of the time, but it certainly makes it a little easier than "could this innocent-looking-rock be an ore vein?"

Mod: Glowing Ore