Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing

Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing


For day four of the Seven Days of Modern Warfare 2 we present the Modern Warfare 2 briefing. Covering everything you need to know about the game without spoilers. We don't want to take away all the surprises, after all.

The biggest game of the year is right around the corner and for day four of the Seven Days of Modern Warfare 2, we present the Modern Warfare 2 briefing, covering everything you need to know about the game without spoilers. After all, the greatest surprise will be getting home that evening with so much to discover.

Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing


The story for the game takes place five years after the events of Call of Duty 4. In the years following the death of Imran Zachaev, the main antagonist of the first game, Russia has further destabilized into a state of civil war. Vladimir Makarov, the new leader of the ultra nationalist movement, is a man who does not accept compromises and does not take prisoners. Previously kept in check by Zachaev, Makarov has used the death of his former associate to take control of the movement, labelling him a martyr. Now in control, Makarov uses his various contacts with terror cells and arms dealers around the world to bring about the next generation of terrorism and open conflict.

In respond to the increasing Ultra nationalist threat and increasingly violent and ferocious acts of terrorism around the world the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and Russia form Task Force 141 after the success of the joint special operation that took down Zachaev years earlier. The group is composed of members from the British SAS, US 1st Special Operations Force Detachment Delta (Delta Force), SEAL Team Six, and Spetznaz among other North American and European groups. Think of what Tom Clancy did in Rainbow Six using NATO countries except it isn’t an international SWAT team. TF141 is generally considered to be the most elite group of bad asses in the world and is deployed to a variety of locations all over the world throughout the course of the game.

Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing

You play as Sgt. Gary “Roach” Sanderson, the newly assigned FNG (f-ing new guy) to Task Force 141. Your squad is a four man group led by Cpt. “Soap” MacTavish, the protagonist of Modern Warfare. Your other permanent squadmate is Sgt. Simon “Ghost” Riley, a former SAS member whose background story can be read about in the prequel comic book series Modern Warfare 2: Ghost. Other members of your squad throughout the game but it is confirmed that Task Force 141, by the end of the game, will be whittled down to just a handful of survivors, not unlike the ending of the first Modern Warfare.

Confirmed Levels

Name: Cliffhanger
Location: Kazakhstan

Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing
This level, taking place early in the game, is a TF141 two-man infiltration mission in which Roach and Soap attempt to infiltrate a Russian Ultra nationalist airbase in the snowy mountains of northern Kazakhstan. Their goal: destroy a crashed satellite that the Ultra nationalists have recovered and possibly prevent them from harvesting the nuclear material that powered it for improvised nuclear devices. The level, despite the drastic change in environment, is similar in nature to that of All Ghillied Up and, as such, will require stealth in the beginning before exploding into nothing but pure chaos at the end.

Name: Takedown
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing
Takedown takes place several levels after Cliffhanger and sees TF141 being deployed to Rio in order to take into custody an arms dealer known as Rojas who is known to associate with Makarov. In the search for Rojas they come across Faust, a man who works for him, and proceed to chase him into the slums of the city. The level is a four-man team effort and is the first ever instance of civilians in the middle of a combat zone in the history of the franchise.

Name: Unknown
Location: Washington D.C.

Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing
This level is the standout reveal so far as it was only recently revealed and has already caused controversy so naturally it will be the talk of the town. What little is known (without looking into information from pirates who love to spoil everything) is that Makarov launches an all-out attack on Washington and captures the White House. The fates of the President as well as that of Congress or even the state of the Pentagon are unknown but the National Guard and Task Force 141 are deployed to take back the American capital. The site of the damaged Washington Monument is one clear mainstage and deployment area but besides where the fight will take you other than the White House is unknown. Expect to be talking about this for quite a while.

Any further information about the single player campaign will not be covered in this briefing; doing so would most likely ruin the experience for many.