Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing

Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing


For day four of the Seven Days of Modern Warfare 2 we present the Modern Warfare 2 briefing. Covering everything you need to know about the game without spoilers. We don't want to take away all the surprises, after all.

Cooperative Multi player

The Call of Duty franchise has always been one with a cinematic single player experience and an intense multi player experience. While multi player has always been important to the franchise, creating a cinematic multi player component has always been a challenge for Infinity Ward that, until now, has never been truly answered. Treyarch, the sister company who has alternated with Infinity Ward in the creation of new entries in the series, gave their own interpretation of such an experience with four player co-op within the single player campaign and removing certain levels that would not be ideal for multiple players. Responding to this issue Infinity Ward set out to create a similar experience without compromising the single player. The answer: Spec Ops.

Spec Ops is a two player co-op experience that occurs in levels taken from the single player and multiplayer as well as wholly original levels. The inspiration for Spec Ops came from the final level of Call of Duty, Mile High Club, which wasn’t directly connected to the story of the game but was an experience the developer wanted the player to have. The same thing is present here. There are 23 levels for players to experience and is estimated to take five and a half hours to complete if played back-to-back.

Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing

Missions progress in a non-linear fashion and are organized into sections: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo and increasing in difficulty the further down the alphabet you go. All of the Alpha missions are unlocked from the get-go but in order to unlock missions in any of the other sections players must perform missions well enough to advance. Based on your performance of each mission and the difficulty they are attempting on, players are rewarded with stars and meeting a certain amount of stars will unlock more missions.

In addition to being divided among sections, levels are organized into different categories of play, including but not limited to: Assault, Stealth, Wave Defense, Elimination, and more. Assault is the standard Call of Duty experience of fighting through groups of enemies until reaching an objective. Stealth is significantly different and is designed to play in the same fashion as Call of Duty 4’s All Ghillied Up level in which you sneak around enemies in order to get to an objective. Wave defense evokes a ‘hold the line’ feeling as you hold position against waves of enemies that will attempt to take you down. Finally, Elimination is exactly what you think it is: hunt down every enemy in the level.

Day Four: Modern Warfare 2 Briefing

The following are the known levels available in the Alpha section:

Name: Evasion
Location: Unknown
Category: Stealth
Description: Unknown level content but it does involve the use of sniper rifles and slipping past enemy patrols.

Name: O Cristo Redentor
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Category: Elimination
Description: Wipe out all enemies in the slum area without causing civilian casualties.

Name: Sniper Fi
Location: Open Snow Environment
Category: Wave Defense
Description: Face of against waves of infantry and vehicles with sniper rifles, UAVs, and Predator missiles.

Name: Suspension
Location: Unknown
Category: Assault
Description: Cross a bridge while fending off groups of enemy infantry.

Name: The Pit
Location: Training Area
Category: Assault
Description: Go through an army training facility shooting enemy targets while avoiding civilian ones all the while completing objectives under a time limit.