KOTOR 2 Restoration Project

KOTOR 2 Restoration Project


When gamers set out to complete what a developer started you know you're in for a treat. Lord of Hunger sits down with us to talk about the recently completed Knights of the Old Republic 2 Restored Content Mod.

Hooked Gamers: You guys recently went into open beta. When do you think your final release will be made?

Lord of Hunger: It of course depends on how many bugs and issues testers find with TSLRCM and how long it takes for the team to fix it. I'd personally estimate a few more months, given that myself and the other private testers combed the mod pretty thoroughly. But please dont hold me to that date!

KOTOR 2 Restoration Project
Hooked Gamers: Whats next for you and your fellow modders? Any parting thoughts youd like to share with the community? Any wishes for the often dreamt of but probably dead KOTOR 3?

Lord of Hunger: I will personally keep working for Stoney and my other friends on Team Hssiss, coming up with wacky ideas. Speaking of KOTOR 3, I am involved in a Total Conversion mod being developed for TSL that practically creates a KOTOR 3. It's called Revenge of Revan, and it's being worked on by a skilled modder by the username of Logan23. We've made significant progress already. You can learn more about it by visiting the Knights of the Old Republic section of Lucasforums.com.

Personally, I am grateful to have been invited to work on TSLRCM. Stoney, Zbyl, and all the other contributors have been great people to work with, and it feels great that I did something to provide a complete TSL experience for both myself and the rest of the community...even if it was particularly much. *laughs*

Hooked Gamers: Thanks again for your time Hunger. Id also like to thank Stoney for taking the time to help set up this opportunity as well as putting months upon months of work into an incredible feat.

If you are interested in The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod you can head on over to the link below where you can download the beta release v1.4. Before we go, be sure to watch the video below where you can get an idea of how much work was put into this.

The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification