KOTOR 2 Restoration Project

KOTOR 2 Restoration Project


When gamers set out to complete what a developer started you know you're in for a treat. Lord of Hunger sits down with us to talk about the recently completed Knights of the Old Republic 2 Restored Content Mod.

Hooked Gamers: How much of the cut content were you able to recover?

Lord of Hunger: I like to see it as what were NOT able to recover, and that's in this mod. The two major pieces of cut content we left out where M4-78 and the GenoHaradan - I am involved in projects to restore both. Then there were pieces of cut content that we thought were right to cut out of TSL due to conflicts with the plot and a lack of material to work with. A good example is the Darth Atris ending, which would have had the character Atris kill Kreia towards the end and become Darth Traya.

In terms of the percentage of content we restored, I'd say we've restored 80%. Among the 15% we did not restore are M4-78 (the Droid Planet) and the GenoHaradan, and 5% are the "legitimate cuts" as I like to call them (again, stuff like Darth Atris).

Hooked Gamers: Among the better known cut content are the droid factory planet M4-78 where HK-47 comes from. How does one go about restoring an entire planet full of environments, characters, and quests?

Lord of Hunger: Well first of all, HK-47 does not come from M4-78 he comes from the HK Factory on Telos surface.

KOTOR 2 Restoration Project
Back to the question: some planets like Dantooine and Malachor V had their guts ripped out, metaphorically speaking. One example that I have heard Stoney give is the Redemption side-quest on Dantooine, where you have to restore the trust of the Dantooine people in the Jedi. In the "vanilla" (unmodded) release of TSL, you could not complete the quest. There was also supposed to be a big battle scene, but due to the cuts you'd get a brief low resolution video and that would be it. Another particular quest on Nar Shaddaa concerning the welfare of the Refugees had a unique resolution in the game but it was severely bugged. Stoney is attempting to put that resolution back in. A lot of things were just there, and even after resolving various side-quests and the main-quest everything felt unfinished. I'd say it's particularly though to restore this sort of cut content because you have to reintegrate it with what is already there. Though I never did any modding for this project, my observations would say that it takes a lot of time and patience.

Hooked Gamers: Many smaller restorations have been made that include various scenes and dialogue. Can you give us a few highlights?

Lord of Hunger: TSL's greatest strengths in my opinion are the characters and brilliant dialog. Much of the restored content adds depth to the characters and makes you wonder, "Why did they cut that? That was such a great line!" It also makes everything flow. Things don't just happen, you have the story start to build up and progress as a story actually should. The small things that are restored also serve to make the world of TSL come to life. I'd say that my favorite restoration within TSLRCM was a bunch of cut lines from the meeting with the Jedi Masters in the Dantooine Enclave. The contributor who restored these lines - Jinger - really made one of my favorite characters come to life in that cut scene.

Hooked Gamers: Several endings were restored as well. Do those make up for the lackluster ending we saw originally?

Lord of Hunger: Without a doubt. Again, the restored endings were definitely the major part of the mod in my opinion. A common debate in our community is which game is better: KOTOR or TSL. I'm one of the people who would say TSL, but even I have to acknowledge that an unmodded KOTOR has more of an ending than an unmodded TSL. Now that we have a mod to restore those endings in TSL, I think TSL will greatly surpass KOTOR.