KOTOR 2 Restoration Project

KOTOR 2 Restoration Project


When gamers set out to complete what a developer started you know you're in for a treat. Lord of Hunger sits down with us to talk about the recently completed Knights of the Old Republic 2 Restored Content Mod.

Hooked Gamers: Several teams have attempted to do what your team has actually succeeded in accomplishing, none the least of which is Team Gizka, which has been working on restoring the cut content since 2005. How would you compare your work to theirs?

Lord of Hunger: I can’t speak for Team Gizka as they are a separate entity but I will say they’ve proven inspirational to us. Let’s be honest – many people in the fan base would have never even heard of all that content on the discs. We’ve emphasized that we are not out to outdo TSLRP. We both restore most of the content, but TSLRCM restores more content than TSLRP. The TSLRCM has been more focused on game breaking bugs than minor fixes. The solo contributions of our team leaders – Zbyl and Stoney - helped to speed up our progress as well. (Of course, Jinger’s contributions for Dantooine have been noted already.) There are so many in the KotOR modding world that I’d like to thank for their own modding tools which have helped us throughout the restoration process: Fred Tetra creator of KotorTool Stoffe creator of the TSLpatcher and tk102 creator of the KGF-editor and DLGeditor.

KOTOR 2 Restoration Project
Hooked Gamers: Of the content that you won’t be able to recover has any thought been put into making add-ons that, though not canon to the story, would expand further on what could have been?

Lord of Hunger: Additional optional patches for GenoHaradan and M4-78 are in the planning stages. Both patches do not have enough existing content to restore alongside TSLRCM as they are currently, but we've been working on ways to expand the material so it doesn’t conflict with the main game and in the case of M4-78, the planet feels appropriately populated. We consider these patches to “enhancements” rather than restorations due to the amount of user-created content. There is already a plot written for M4-78 and I am writing an expanded plot for the GenoHaradan quest on Nar Shaddaa. Stoney has had fun creating new landing and take-off cut scenes for M4-78.

Hooked Gamers: Will the restored content be compatible with other mods out there?

Lord of Hunger: It is our great hope to have TSLRCM compatible with as many mods as possible. TSLRCM’s installation uses a compatibility tool called the TSL Patcher - many mods will likely work with TSLRCM. The easy way to tell is to try finding out if the mod in question edits something that TSLRCM edits too. TSLRCM's source files will be released, so people will have the resources to make compatibility patches. Knowing Stoney and Zbyl, they will probably be happy to help out.

Hooked Gamers: Mods and total conversions have sometimes met premature endings due to developer/publisher cease-and-desist letters and the like but LucasArts seems just about as friendly to the modding community as Valve is. Have you been contacted by Obsidian or LucasArts regarding the project?

Lord of Hunger: I don't think we have. If that were to have happened, I think it would have already occurred with Team Gizka, who made their project very well known. Personally, I think LucasArts appreciates having our community still around because it both maintains and expands the amount of interest the public has in these games. Recently this year, a major expansion mod for the first KOTOR called Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge was released and I’m sure there were at least a few people who bought KOTOR just so they could try out that mod because they heard about it from their friends or learned about it on YouTube.