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Star Fox 64 3D


Gamescom 2011: Do a Barrel Roll!

Accomplished in Vehicular Combat

Star Fox 64 3D isn't just about flying and space-age dog fights. Some levels require you to take up the use of the Landmaster, a tank, or the Blue Marine, a submersible. I didn't get to grips with either of these two while playing, but if they have had the revamp that the Arwing has had then fans of the series and new players are in for a treat. Many of the best sequences in the original featured combat outside the Arwing.

Taking out enemies, catching all of the power-ups available, flying through rings and saving your team-mates, all of the ridiculously addictive gameplay from the original, returns with additional distractions for the 3DS. “Lylat Wars” (get used to it), was one of the first titles to also feature easter-eggs and alternative level endings. Depending whether you saved a team-mate, defeated a certain amount of enemies or just stumbled upon it, many levels in Lylat Wars had a variety of different paths to completion. If you played the original you will remember the difference between the noticeable “Mission Complete!” or “Mission Accomplished” at the end of the level depending on whether you completed a certain task. Although finding these areas or extra bosses was rather difficult in the original, extra hints should make it manageable for all players.

Perfect hand-held gaming

Star Fox sells its self even more when talked about in terms of multi-player. The multiplayer shown at this years' E3 looked promising. 4-player battle mode, where players can face off at with each other in deep space is even more promising when only one person needs the cartridge. Everyone knows it is hard to find 4 people with the same game anyway, let alone 4 people who all own a 3DS and a copy of the game and are there at the same time. Nintendo knows this, so Star Fox 64 features multi-player that requires only one cartridge. If that still isn't enough, and you are one hell of a loner with a 3DS you can take a photo of your “handsome” face and take to the skies online.

Star Fox 64 3D gets the thumbs up for far from an original fan. It is ticking all the right boxes in terms of what a fan would want out of a remake. The graphics are beautiful and as every Nintendo associated game on the 3DS , using the 3D hardware superbly. If the rest of the gameplay that I haven't seen backs it up, 3DS owners will have another reason to hang on to their handheld next month.