Transformers: The Game

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Transformers: The Game


Wreaking havoc on our planet again.

25 years of transformations

Since its brilliant birth, over 25 long years ago, the Transformers series/toy line has built itself an enormous cult following, consisting of anything from old men to young boys. It's the series that created the transforming robots genre, and in my opinion it's one of the greatest things that has spawned from the hands of man. The series itself has remained generally unchanged, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. In the latter years the series has seemed to grow redundant, simply repeating itself over and over. And yet the sales are holding steadily high.

As any gamer knows, any good movie has its game counterpart, which you can usually count on being a bombed, half-ass wanna-be. Luckily to gamers, games based of movies have slowly started to get better and better and, for once, one game based on a movie is looking mighty impressive. Transformers: The Movie, the first NON-cartoon Transformers movie is due out this summer, along with its video game counterpart, Transformers: The Game. With the new style, and much MUCH more serious tone, the game should be like no other Transformers game to date. Many of the previous video games that wandered into the Transformers series never faired extremely well, but we are in a time of drastic changes. ANYTHING could happen.

A Timeless Battle

Following roughly the same story as the movie, the game features the battle for the legendary AllSpark. AllSpark is an object of legends and the key to the Transformer afterlife. A truly confusing concept for even the most devoted fans of the series, the AllSpark is in theory a physical object as well as a whole other dimension in itself. As a physical object, it is passed down from Autobot leader to Autobot leader bearing the name Prime with each transition (thus the name, Optimus Prime). It is unknown why Optimus Prime no longer holds the AllSpark, or if the new movie will co-operate at all with the stories of the previous comics/animated series, so all rumors and speculation about it could be totally wrong. In essence, for 1000 years the Autobots and the Decepticons have been fighting to find the AllSpark, and when it's confirmed to be on our very own planet all hell breaks loose. With Optimus Prime upholding freedom and valor above all else, the Autobots will throw everything they have at the Decepticons in order to stop them from destroying our beloved Earth.

Defend or Destroy

Good or Evil. The Autobots or the Decepticons. With over a dozen bots to choose from your choices are abundant. With two truly opposing storylines, this game will be sure to please any gamer's heart, whether they wish to help or destroy planet Earth. Both sides of the story will consist of different transformers, different environments and different enemies. Given the ability to transform from a bodacious vehicle to a rampaging robot the series has moved towards an action/shooter adventure approach rather than a typical robot action/shooter. With each Transformer varying greatly, your choice will greatly impact the way you play, whether it is shooting rockets and plasma at your enemy from afar or grabbing vehicles and bashing other robots apart, limb by limb.