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Rayman Origins


Gamescom 2011: Don't worry about him, he's 'armless.


In recent years, the Rayman titles have lacked difficulty, partly because of the shift towards a younger audience. But, much like the first couple of Rayman titles on the PlayStation, Rayman Origins is back to being a bit of a frustration builder, especially when 4-player co-op is being played. Levels can move quickly whilst being extremely difficult because of timing jumps and defeating enemies quickly, but with 4-players moving so quickly it can be very hard to keep up with all of the on-screen action, whilst also timing your level run and trying to survive.

This does take away from all the work that Ubisoft have done to the intricacy of the level-designs. However, this could be different when played in single-player, although players have Globox follow them as the A..I companion, players can potentially take their time to explore and play slower. Although you can still speed through the platforming and attempt to play-through in one swift go. The platforming is a lot stronger, and it seems to be allowing the game to shape up as a rebirth for the series. Although the controls were slightly awkward when playing quickly, they didn't cause too much frustration.


Rayman Origins is beautifully designed, and the levels have had so much care, attention and ideas thrown at them that it is hard not to be overwhelmed in beautiful environments and slight nostalgia moments from the very first time you played Rayman. The platforming is closer to the standard of the first titles than Ubisoft has managed in years. With some new elements, Origins makes for a promising addition to the struggling platforming genre. Any fans of the series who felt let down by the recent string of mediocre titles will be happy to know that this is shaping up to be one of the best Rayman titles.