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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 review
Chris Davis


A Masterpiece

Tangos in the open!

This brings us to the reason you will be coming back six months from now to play Modern Warfare 2, its multiplayer. While the overall feel of the new titleís multiplayer hasnít changed very much since the previous game, its nature has been upgraded significantly. Many of the problems that have plagued the previous game have been dealt with, including the fire rate issues for modified game controllers and the the gratuitous use of martyrdom grenades. In addition, some of the perks have disappeared and others have been changed.

The multiplayer component of Modern Warfare 2 pushes ranking up to the next level. The level cap has been raised to 70 as compared to Call of Duty 4ís 55 and World at Warís 65. New is also the ability to engage prestige mode once you have reached level 70. Ranking up doesnít only apply to your overall rank however: while normal ranking will still unlock new weapons and perks for you to use, perks and new weapon enhancements can be unlocked separately. Perks themselves can be upgraded to ďProĒ versions of themselves that have further effects on top of their base powers. Weapon attachments work the same way: for example, once you have killed a certain amount of players looking down your gunís red dot sight, you will unlock the EOT holographic sight for that weapon.

The maps included in the multiplayer are a mix of mostly original maps, spiced up with a couple that have almost been taken straight out of the singleplayer. There are almost no remakes present save for Wasteland, a remake of Brecourt from the original Call of Duty. Fan favorite levels such as Overgrown and Crash may not be making an appearance until the DLC map packs start coming out. What is present is a nice variety of open and close-quarter maps. Modern Warfare 2 shipped with 16 multiplayer maps which is nothing to complain about.


Most of the graphical marvels such as Gears of War, Killzone 2 and Uncharted all have one thing in common: they are usually platform exclusive and, as such, only designed to take advantage of one systemís power with little consideration to any other platform. It is safe to say that Modern Warfare 2 beats these titles in the graphics department, delivering fantastic visuals on all platforms.

While the game does use an upgraded version of the first titleís engine, Modern Warfare 2ís sheer beauty isnít so much in technological improvements so much as refinements and subtle enhancements. No longer are environments drab and lacking life; rather, they are brought to life by little things and filled to the brim with things to interact with like chickens in cages, electronics, you name it. One of the later levels in the game, The Hornetís Nest, has you fighting hundreds of militia in the middle of a large market. As you are blazing through it, you start to notice the collateral damage: tons of debris, dead chickens, cover ripped-asunder by gunfire. In another level you are plunged into darkness with only fires and lighting from a storm lighting your way making the player subliminally more cautious.

The gameís audio design is excellent as well. Not only is there a ton of well written and acted dialog to experience but the sound effects really draw you into the experience. Keith David, the voice behind the Arbiter in Halo 2 and 3, plays a center role in the game and returning voice actors Billy Murray (not the comedian) and Craig Fairbass return as well. Hans Zimmer, famed Hollywood composer, took on the task of adding music to the game. Despite his relative inexperience with video games he succeeded incredibly well as the music easily compliments the scenes at hand and never lets down.

Roger that, Iím Oscar Mike

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a truly superb game. The singleplayer mode will make for a fine shock-and-awe moment for your non-gamer friends, the Spec Ops co-op will have you playing with your best buds for weekends on end and the multiplayer will be exactly what youíll be booting up every night for the next eight months. A must buy.


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