Aliens vs. Predator

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Aliens vs. Predator


Lots of blood and gore

Races (cntd)

The Predator comes equipped with his own cloaking device but it is not perfect. If you can remember from the movies how the Predator appeared to look distorted or like a shimmering blur, this is how he appears in the game. Predators have impressive weapons such as the shoulder-mounted plasma-shooter with the 3-dot targeting laser and of course the wrist mounted blades that are used for close in work. They are somehow honor bound and because of that are required to get in close and personal to make kills the old fashioned way with their wrist equipped blades.

Aliens would appear to be the most powerful and cunning race in the game. They scoot around on 4 legs and are a difficult target to hit because they are so close to the ground. They sniff out their prey and fight up close where they use massive claws and teeth to rip the opposition apart. Let's say this. Literally ripping the enemy apart is how it is done in this game. Aliens can also use their tail to pummel you in to the ground. They then use those ugly-protruding teeth to tear a hapless Marine's head off and then spit it out like yesterday's piece of stale gum. Aliens also come with a little surprise. Their bodies contain acidic blood that will melt any foolish Marine that happens to stumble over one.

All 3 races are playable and each race requires a completely different style of game play. The Marine's role in life (other then dying) is to rid the universe of a couple of menacing, beastly races. The Predator is out fighting and killing for the shear sport of it, while the Alien is desperately trying to propagate his or her species. All three are fun to play and the game let's the player start out as whatever species they want. The single player campaign modes let you play as either one of the 3 races and you go through the campaigns attempting to reach set goals.

Game modes

The 18-player multi player mode is where the most fun is at in my opinion. There are different styles of play in the multi player mode and I will describe a few of them for you. The first mode is a standard death match game. Each player can assume the role of his or her preferred species and then commence to put a hurtin' on the other races. The action takes place in a variety of locations such as cramped alien ruins or jungle settings. Of course the wider more open spaces are better suited to the poor Marines. The last man (or woman) standing will be declared the winner.

Another game mode is what is known as the infestation mode. Everyone starts off as a Marine with one of the starters being an Alien. The object of the game is to avoid the Alien and become the last Marine standing. As the Marines get killed off they are respawned as an Alien until there is just one Marine left and he wins the game.

One last mode that I saw is what is called the Predator mode. Everyone starts out as a Marine and one player starts as a Predator. The object is to kill the Predator and then assume his position as Predator thus causing the former Predator to respawn as a Marine. You gain points for the number of Marines that you can kill while being the Predator. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Stays true

There are many more modes and game features that I simply do not have the space to cover at this time. In closing, what I can say is that Aliens vs. Predator looks good and stays true to the numerous Alien, Predator and Alien versus Predator movies from the past. I always thought they overdid the Alien/Predator thing but after taking a look at this new game I have come to realize there is always room for another one. Especially when it's this good.