Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

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Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation review
Chris Davis


Want a solid, fun flight sim, look no further

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Ace Combat 6s audio set up is a mixed bag of both good and bad. The good part: the sound effects are spot on. Everything from the hum of your engines to the sound of your A-10s tank-buster chain gun is fantastic and very true to their real life counterparts. As with the previous games sound is also localized so an explosion a couple miles away will take a second or two to actually reach you. Its a really effective sound design that will have you becoming enthralled every single mission.

Now the bad part: of all the poor decisions in terms of audio design Namco had to go and have the entire games voice cast be English without the option of a Japanese track. How is this bad you ask? Its bad because the work put into the language track is simply disappointing on all levels, as many of the emotions expressed do not accurately reflect what is going on. It must be said that the dialogue in the cut scenes are just short of annoying and not a single voice really seems to fit any of the characters. The repetitive use of the phrase go dance with the angels pretty much makes for a good drinking game but otherwise just makes you want to rip your ears off.

Ace Combat isnt Ace Combat however without an enticing soundtrack, and as any gamer out there who has been exposed to the series will tell you, the series is well known for its epic score. Ace Combat 6 massively succeeds in this department, providing you with very appropriate music for almost every situation. This is one game where you wont want to break out your custom soundtracks.

The Aces Edge

Ace Combat 6 comes in two retail forms: your standard disc and a box barebones edition and a limited edition chocked full of stuff. The limited edition comes bundled with a flight stick from Hori called the Ace Edge, as well as a limited edition faceplate. The joystick comes in two pieces, the stick itself and the throttle, which are separate and connected to one another using proprietary serial ports. The stick isnt wireless, but it does have a decently long cord which is quite a fair tradeoff. The button layout on the Edge has every single button from the standard controller, allowing you to do everything you can with the layout and more. The construction is solid and even comes with a rumble feature, something you wouldnt normally expect out of a peripheral like this.

The only downside to the Ace Edge is that the game does not make the distinction between it and a standard controller, thus it does not adjust the difficulty necessary to make the experience more enthralling. While the stick does make the game feel more realistic, odds are you will find yourself falling behind people using a standard controller.

The Total Package

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation is an excellent example of what third-party Japanese games can accomplish on the Xbox 360. The game will definitely be the dominant flight game across all the consoles for the foreseeable future, that is until Ace Combat 7 arrives. But until then, those looking for a solid, fun flight sim that has great potential to stay on your shelf for a long time look no further.

Now, if you will excuse me, Ive got to introduce my enemies to the bad end of a missile.


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