A World Of Keflings

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A World Of Keflings review
Liam Edwards


More Kingdoms, more Keflings!

What To Expect?

I wanted to play A Kingdom for Keflings back in 2008 but was not able to get around to it. I wanted a game I could just sit down and play without too much thought and this is what A Kingdom for Keflings seemed like to me. So when I heard that NinjaBee had plans to make a sequel, I was hoping this time around that I would not miss it.

I like the idea of being able to play a game with your avatar; this is one thing that the Wii has over the Xbox avatars. The in-game use of the Miis is used in nearly all of the Wii titles on the market. It is good to see this feature on the Xbox is also being used in A World of Keflings, in which your avatar is promised to be taken on an “adventure”. After simply reading the synopsis of the game, in all honesty I had no idea what this game was all about. But after finally playing A World of Keflings I can tell you that you will not be relaxing whilst you play. In fact, every part of your brain is required in order to remember everything that is going on in your little kingdom.

How Did I End Up Here?

The game begins when your avatar is found in a block of ice by a bunch of Inuit-styled Keflings named Kefkimos. The game never truly explains why you are found encased in a block of ice; this is just one thing that does not make sense in a whole line of things to follow. As soon as you break free from your icy prison, your saviors promptly begin to worship you. In comparison to the Keflings you are a giant that possesses great strength and they have their eyes set on using your superior traits to their own benefit.

Due to your tremendous power the Keflings invest in your help to construct a variety of different houses, palaces and factories that will go towards expanding their kingdom. To instruct you they hand over a number of blueprints for kitchens, libraries, bedrooms and so on; that need to be forged in order to construct the buildings. The buildings consist of different pieces that are in turn made of a variety of materials that you will need to mine from the surrounding resources. The blueprints also show the order you need to place the pieces on the ground so that they fit together correctly and result in the building being erected as desired.

Construction Worker

The Keflings can be used to share the workload and will gladly mine and transport the materials to different factories and workshops that you create. They will continue to do the job you give them until you tell them to do something else – so you can have them working around the clock like the slave driver you are. You can also do this process by yourself and despite being able to carry more materials than the Keflings at once, it is slow going and teamwork is encouraged.

At the beginning of the game you place your excavated materials in to shops that will then convert them into the pieces needed to create more buildings. It is a simple process that basically covers the whole game. The more buildings you build the better the blueprints become; from shops and factories to houses and castles. The factories allow you to create more exotic pieces that can be used to build bigger and more complex structures.

After fully completing a building you will automatically gain another blueprint for the next building that needs to be built. The Keflings will occasionally give you extra blueprints for completing special tasks. You can access all of your blueprints in the game through the blueprint map. This shows you each blueprint you have unlocked and built. It also shows you what blueprints are locked and how many are left until you are able to assemble the final building for that kingdom.


fun score


Thoroughly enjoyable. A simple game that delivers a whole lot of satisfaction.


Keflings are an annoying race. Sometimes the game can be a little tedious and frustrating.