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Lego Indiana Jones review


Give us the whip!


The fighting mechanics from LEGO Star Wars remain virtually unchanged, unfortunately. What it basically amounts to is mashing down the attack button until you’ve cleared the screen of enemies. The enemies come in large groups, but they’re rarely difficult to deal with thanks to more lousy AI. You will usually be attacked from one direction, so you’ll fight the enemies one at a time, and they react so slowly they’ll most probably be dead before they have a chance to throw a punch. However, some of the ranged enemies are downright cheap. Bazooka-wielding soldiers, even if they’re off-screen, can pick you off with one shot. Making the experience worse, pretty much all enemies will respawn until you finish a required puzzle. You’ll find the only way to beat most puzzles is to kill all the enemies which come after you, and then start solving in the lull between waves.

Collectables and secrets

Each level in Indiana Jones takes about twenty to thirty minutes to beat the first time around, meaning the whole game should last about six to eight hours. This is a fair length, but Traveller’s Tales has once again provided much incentive to keep us playing. Much like in LEGO Star Wars, the developers have cleverly hidden numerous collectables throughout each level. Unlike in other platformers, these items actually feel like they’re worth collecting. Although it’s impossible to collect everything on the first go (you’ll often be required to use a Thuggee to reveal a pathway, or a small character to fit through a grate) the rewards make it feel more than worthwhile. Building each level’s Artifact will net you a decent amount of cash, and eventually unlock a trio of fun bonus levels. You can also locate a Mailbox in each level which will give you access to secrets, which do everything from making the floors slippery to giving every character a handlebar moustache. To collect everything, you’ll probably spend at least fifteen hours with the game - a fairly good value for the fifty dollar asking price.

Visually, LEGO Indiana Jones won’t amaze, but the fusion of semi-realistic environments with blocky LEGO characters and items will definitely amuse. The environments are a step up over the LEGO Star Wars titles, and look good whether you’re up on the rooftops of Cairo or racing through Thuggee mines on a precarious cart ride. There’s definitely a nice mix of visual styles, and despite more than a few texture problems LEGO Indy definitely manages to please visually. John William’s superb score is in full form, and just like in the films it manages to kick in at exactly the right moments.

Best LEGO title

Like LEGO Star Wars before it, LEGO Indiana Jones isn’t a groundbreaking experience. However, it does manage to be a charming and fun platformer that people of all ages can enjoy. Despite some monotonous gameplay, pretty much anyone who picks it up is guaranteed a good time. It’s by and large the best LEGO title so far, and anyone looking for a simple, fun game suitable for kids would do good to pick it up.


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