Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


May the Force be with you - again

Force powers perfected (cntd)

Thankfully, Lucasarts has made this their number one priority in the sequel. Instead of the box in the middle of the screen that vaguely tells you what you are going to pick up, a blue outline will appear around objects and enemies, making it easy for you to see what is going to be affected by your force power. Another issue was the enemy designs. While there was a large selection of enemies, most of them were just Stormtroopers with some kind of enhancement that protects them from certain abilities. In the sequel enemies will be much more unique and diverse, so you won't be slashing stormtroopers with different coloured stripes for ten hours.

Along with the aforementioned Force Grip, Force Lightning will also return from the first game. Starkiller won't be coming in with only his old powers, as new abilities like Force Fury and Mind Trick will be added to his repertoire. Force Fury acts as a power-up of sorts, greatly increasing Starkiller's powers for a short period of time. Mind Trick convinces enemies to fight each other. Like in the first game, abilities can be upgraded to have new uses and powers. For example, Mind Trick can cause enemies to throw themselves off ledges to their deaths at higher levels.

More lightsaber fun

If new Force powers are not enough for you, Starkiller has also found himself a second lightsaber. That's right: you can now deal death to hordes of Stormtroopers twice as fast. For those looking for a more visceral experience, Starkiller can also dismember enemies adding a whole new layer to combat. That, and it is just fun to cut off some arms.

Things will be mixed up in The Force Unleashed II with new gameplay sequences thrown in with the traditional combat. Near the beginning of the game Starkiller jumps from a giant tower where he must avoid (or destroy) objects in his path. It is not an entirely new idea, as games such as Ratchet and Clank have used it before, but it will provide some variety. Lucasarts have also confirmed that Starkiller will pilot a stolen TIE fighter at some point. If It is anywhere near the quality of Star Wars flight games of the past, it could easily be one of the (hopefully) many highlights of the game.

Vying for the throne

Considering the massive success of the first The Force Unleashed game, Lucasarts could have easily thrown in the same game with a new story and have millions purchase it. The fact that Lucasarts is going the extra mile to address complaints from the first game shows they are taking this seriously and looking to create the best Star Wars game yet. Considering that this company includes Knights of the Old Republic and TIE Fighter that would be mighty great game indeed.