Red Faction: Guerrilla

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Red Faction: Guerrilla


The return to Mars

The day Marvin the Martian skipped class (cntd)

For instance, we were told supply cargos will travel in between EDF controlled cities, so raiding them for weapons sounds like something guerillas might do. When playing Guerilla, getting creative means following the supply caravan, setting up a trap in between checkpoints and ambushing the soldiers when help is too far away to come to their rescue. To set an effective trap, you have to make use of what the Geo-Mod is there for, like dropping a tower so that it blocks the pass off the main highway and forces the caravan to go off road, right into where you placed those sweet little landmines of yours. Finally, you can coup de grâce the caravan’s guards with your miner’s sledgehammer.

Moreover, if your intentions were to simplify things up, all you needed was to blow up the tower so that it falls over the unsuspecting convoy. So basically, the strategy lies in turning set pieces against your enemies and then watching the pretty fireworks. In Red Faction: Guerilla, the developers built the structures with their wrecking in mind, so Geo-Mod comes with a stress system that, for instance, makes story buildings fall apart one floor at a time, taking into account the weight and consistency of the material each part of the building is made of. The structures will crumble appropriately to their weight points and the result is the expected realistic eye candy.

Will it stand out?

Besides improving on environmental destruction, Red Faction took quite another few steps to fit the more recent gaming trends. The game is now seen from a third person perspective, which turns over the shoulder for aiming purposes and that comes with the usual packaging third person perspective means in shooters these days: regenerating health, sprinting, a limited holstered arsenal, cover system with standard popping and covering and blindfiring, vehicles (introducing the Walker, the perfect combination of T-Rex and bulldozer) and multiplayer with experienced based upgradeable jetpacks and weapons.

With so many games following the same lines comes the a real possibility that Red Faction: Guerilla will not have enough to stand out of the crowd. How more influential can be the destructibility of the environment than, say, Battlefield: Bad Company? How can Guerilla dissociate itself from Gears of War? Guerilla looks like it captured the winning elements of both games and has enough remainders of its past iterations to keep us entertained but it is a proven fact that the same formula doesn’t work forever. We will have to wait until someday in the first quarter of 2009 to see what Volition has in store for us.