Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

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Mercenaries 2: World In Flames review


Things go BOOM!


Vehicles abound in World in Flames, ranging from Junker family cars to helicopters packing enough firepower to level a skyscraper. Vehicles can be bought and flown in or can be hijacked. Hijacking civilian and low armor vehicles is done by simply pressing triangle. Hijacking tanks and helicopters on the other hand is done through annoying mini-games that get in the way of the action. Trying to hijack a tank for instance, you must first kill the guy manning the turret. Then you climb up the barrel of the tank and engage in a button bash event. These events are harder for more valuable vehicles types but they are always the same for each type. I am a badass Mercenary, why am I fighting an ‘average Joe’ fighter pilot or soldier for control of his vehicle? The idea is interesting and I liked it the first few times but my patience for these events ran out quickly. Not recommended. When you are inside a vehicle you are disguised as the faction that the vehicle belongs to, allowing you to travel safely in hostile areas. Recommended!

Two are better than one

The Mercenaries formula is perfect for co-op play. The map is a huge city, blowing stuff up and generally wreaking havoc on everyone. Hosting a co-op session, people can join and leave at any time without disrupting your game. If you join a game, your arsenal of gear is stripped away and your options are limited to how much the host has unlocked. Each mission plays out the same and both people get the same amount of money after each completed mission. Rolling through a town in a two-tank squad, destroying everyone and everything in sight is a blast. Another favorite is having one person piloting a helicopter while the other is sitting in a tank, suspended by the winch of the helicopter.

You can never stray too far from each other though. A half a mile wide ring surrounds both players. Stepping out of it turns the screen all grainy while Fiona tells you to go back. If you don’t turn back you won’t be able to move at all anymore. You don’t need to go far to have some fun though. The game offers a ton of extra little missions from target shooting with a grenade launcher to capturing or killing HVT’s (High Value Targets). There are plenty of activities to keep co-op entertaining, well after the credits roll.

World in Flames

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is a respectable sequel to one of the most fun and overlooked games of last console generation. The action is fast and there is always plenty of visual eye candy, be it a carpet bomb or sports car with mounted rocket launcher. The game runs pretty well with only a few graphic and AI glitches. Ugly textures and disappearing debris can be a drag though. Being tethered to your co-op buddy can limit your possibilities but there is a lot you can do working within that restriction. This game unapologetically stays ‘arcadey’ when other sandbox games go for the gritty and realistic look. Driving monster trucks through shanty towns offers an experience only Mercenaries can deliver. World in Flames is a fun action game that doesn’t take itself particularly serious.


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