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LittleBigPlanet 2 review
Mariana Morales


How you choose to play, is up to you

Oh, the Possibilities (cntd)

In the first game, creating music was difficult, for me anyway. You needed a good ear, and had to place those little devices carefully to make the timing right. Some people perfected it; others (like me) just failed. This time, the Music Sequencer makes it much easier. You can actually see piano keys on the side to pick the right notes as well as placing them in the different slots for timing. The soundtrack in the game is very enjoyable. When you create a level, you can use all the songs from the first game which is pretty useful. They have also added new camera features that let you create cut scenes. Iíve seen some really cool looking Spider-Man and Hulk films already!

One of my favorite new features in the Create Mode is the Sackbots. You can now create these little robots and make them do whatever you want. It is basically another Sack person that you assign to do what you want them to do. You can record their actions, make them follow you, attack you, and make them wear anything.

The fun part which changes the face of gaming is the Controlinator. This thing lets you connect each button of your Playstation controller to whatever you want it to do. This is where the magic begins. It takes some programming skills to create technical things, but it is pretty crazy what you can create. This is where that Guinness World Record came into place: Most gaming genres in one video game. You can create shooters, arcade games, sports games, even RPGs. You are able to change the in-game camera to whatever angle you want. You can even record your own voice using the Playstation Eye Camera. I have seen some first person shooters, Sonic the Hedgehog where you are actually Sonic, and even a full blown Zelda game.

Sack Boys and Girls

As in the first LittleBigPlanet, you are able to play with three other players online or offline. You still get to slap each other and show your fun little expressions. You can tell the graphics have improved slightly when playing the levels. While playing the story or created levels, they have brought a new type of level called Versus that are made especially for multiplayer.

There isnít much to say about the bad stuff in the game. There are a few things that can bother some people; I find the loading times to be a little annoying. Especially when playing online with other players, the loading times are a little longer just to enter a level. Once you are in, it is a smooth ride. Some people also think that the jump button is a little tricky. The longer and harder you press the button, the farther your Sack person jumps: less pressure, less jump. I didnít have any trouble with this concept. Sometimes I do end up falling on spikes or something because of the jump button, but itís not a big deal to me.

See You Online

If you have played the first LittleBigPlanet, you will notice definite changes all over the game. Everything you have created in the first game is transferred over. I was extremely happy to see my Sack person exactly as I had left him, and all my creations were in place. If you are a new player to the series, you will experience a new type of gaming that is just amazing. Even if you think that creating levels is too much, you donít have to at all. Jump right into the story mode and enjoy the ride. After completing the game, I overall enjoyed the whole experience. Like Kevin Butler said in the commercial, ďYou donít just finish LittleBigPlanet;Ē there are new levels added everyday by players all over the world. How you choose to play, is up to you.


fun score


Lots of unique gameplay, featuring various types of genres in one video game.


Loading times can take a while.