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Killzone 3 review
Jeff Gates


This is Art.

Un-Pyrrhus Multiplayer, (cntd)

At first glance the multiplayer might seem very typical of the genre. While Killzone 3 doesn’t really do much to change the online tide of the first person shooter, Guerilla has done a good job of improving what other games have done. Using a leveling system that awards you a point for each rank to spend as you wish is a well received change from Killzone 2, where each class rank awarded items for just that class. Three different modes are presented and I for one would have liked to have seen more, e.g., a Free-For-All or a “Horde” game type. Standard Team Deathmatch is offered of course, as well as the objective based mode but many will probably enjoy Warzone the most, a mode which pits you against the same team for a half dozen or so different operations. Operations such as capture the flag, bomb the base, king of the hill, and team deathmatch (all with original names of course).

The lack of online co-op campaign is a pretty big letdown. Killzone 3 only features split-screen. Guerilla Games does realize its 2011, right?

Overall, the multiplayer is quite fun. The leveling system plays out pretty well and should keep people interested for quite some time. Using a cloak as a marksman to sneak up on enemies and stab them in the neck, or being a team player as a medic and using the halo around you to heal enemies is quite enjoyable and diverse. No, it doesn’t really bring anything original to the table but Killzone 3’s MP has a lot going for it and is without a doubt very entertaining. This is the best PS3 exclusive online experience.

“General, the Higs are knocking at our door”

Killzone 3 follows Tomas Sevchenko, or Sev, and his right hand man Rico Velasquez. The duo, under the close scrutiny of Captain Narville, is spearheading the ISA’s efforts to protect Earth and stop the Helgast threat. The game picks up shortly after the death of legendary Helgan leader Scholar Visari. The Helgast are determined to get revenge on those that took Visari’s life, even if it means throwing everyone into battle to see the ISA dead.

The major antagonist, Jorhan Stahl, is the CEO of Stahl Arms and is hell-bent on utilizing new technology developed with petrocide (a strange green energy that is capable of ripping molecules apart). The threat Stahl presents proves to be the focal point of the game. Sev, Rico and Narville must stop Stahl’s ulterior motives while at the same time dealing with the hordes of Helgast in their way.

Many folks have labeled the story of Killzone 3 weak. I disagree. As I played through the game I was enveloped in the struggles the game presented. Obviously there is the war between the ISA and the Helgast, then there is the struggle for power within the Helgan Empire between weapons manufacturer Jorhan Stahl and the heir to Visari’s throne, Admiral Orlock, and finally you have the skirmish for control between Sgt. Rico and his superior, Narville, which also causes some tense moments during the story.

It’s not faultless; there are times when you will be removed from the experience. Whether it is laughing at some of the corny Neanderthal lines or how the story occasionally feels like Guerilla made some awesome game play moments and then went in afterwards to piece together a narrative and fit those points together. I am in no way saying the story is perfect but it is the splendid moments of gameplay mixed with the sometimes jaw dropping CG scenes that make the story quite convincing.

(F)Leet Battle

For those of you that are still skeptical as to whether or not video games should be considered art, I present to you: Killzone 3. Mock the idea of an over-the-top shooter being classified as art all you want. Killzone 3 delivers incredible story pieces and plot devices like the best movies. It delivers stunning eye-popping visuals that are superior to anything we’ve seen before. Sound effects and musical scores that are so strong and empowering, you are enveloped in emotion. All these things come together with surprisingly tight game play and moments that force us to simply say “Wow, this is art”.


fun score


A gorgeous, fun, immersive game filled with lots of “wow” moments


The story can be underwhelming at times, no online co-op