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Killzone 3 review
Jeff Gates


This is Art.

Killzone 3 is the first marquee Playstation3 title to feature all the bells and whistles the console currently offers, those being the Move and 3D support, of course. We here at Hooked Gamers, however, decided to take a different approach with our review. For the core gamer we axed the Move and avoided the over-priced 3D technology. We are here to bring you an in-depth and unbiased review of the Killzone experience most of you will enjoy. And enjoy it you will.

B Isn't for Bilgarsk

Balance is a funny word. It has many mundane meanings, things like money or walking might come to mind, but video games? In a good video game, yes, balance is essential. Upon completing Killzone 3 I sat down and rummaged through synonym after synonym for the word “balance” because, let’s be honest, it doesn’t really seem like a “gamer” word. It is, however, unavoidable and if one word would be used to best sum up Killzone 3 it would be “balance”; beautiful, stunning, bad ass balance.

It oozes more balance than a one-legged trapeze artist. From the execution of key plot points to the equilibrium of intense action and strategic warfare Killzone 3 delivers everything you could want in a modern retail title and all quite…well... balanced.

Killzone 3 is pretty much the epitome of a game with very well thought out gameplay moments. One instant you are atop a tank pulverizing hordes of Higs and the next you’re stuck in tight quarters relying on cover and accuracy to survive. Toss in some jetpacks, insane mech battles, and skirmishes against hundreds of advancing Helgans and you’re sure to start shouting “Epic, thy name is Killzone!” at some point.

The Guerilla has Ascended

The physics are an improvement on the second installment. Some fans found themselves struggling to adjust the movement sensitivity to a spot that was right in Killzone 2 because of the weight the guns had. However, this time around, Guerilla got it just right. The gun moves with serious precision. Many fans of the series have shown their distaste for the change in the shooting design, but I find it absolutely perfect. The cover system also benefits from this. It seems, however, that Sev has a rather large noggin, so players should be careful behind small cover.

The biggest step up for this game over its predecessor is the world that Guerilla has created. Where Killzone 2 was rather dreary and filled with factories, city ruins and hallways, the third takes the battle to every environment imaginable without the cheesiness of Halo. From frozen tankers on the shores of an icy tundra to massive landfills, Killzone 3 delivers a diverse visual experience. Yes, the small corridors and catwalks of buildings still remain but they are perfectly stabilized by the stunning external locations.

It is all really quite beautiful. The emotions of faces, the rousing orchestra that hits at just the right time, and the incredible detail of the insanely huge crafts bring this place to life. The latter point just made demonstrates what makes Killzone 3 so great: the fact that things feel “insanely huge” by giving you a real sense of scale and depth. The game completely immerses you in this world, so much so that you will feel as if you actually were on Helgan. All of the maps, characters and structures are very believable, you actually could conceive this place existing. So many games lack that feel whereas Killzone 3 knocks it out of the park. As you watch enormous ships pass overhead knowing they are filled with thousands of Helgast who will stop at nothing to kill you, and listen to the screech of rockets rip through the air and witness the fire and splintered metal explode as one hits its target, you can’t help but feel like your right there in the middle of it all.

Un-Pyrrhus Multiplayer

There is a lot of pressure on Killzone 3 to deliver a memorable multiplayer experience for PS3 fanboys. Just as Halo was crucial to the success of Xbox Live, Sony is depending on Killzone 3 to deliver the best online experience of any console-exclusive shooter.


fun score


A gorgeous, fun, immersive game filled with lots of “wow” moments


The story can be underwhelming at times, no online co-op