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Hands-on impressions from the multiplayer beta

Classes (cntd)

One of my favorite classes has to be the Infiltrator, who has the brilliant ability of Disguise. This allows him to masquerade as a member of the enemy team, allowing him to slip behind enemy lines undetected. The secondary abilities enhance stamina and speed. Nothing satisfies as much as sneaking into the enemy compound, dispatching of several players with some silent melee kills, and then making a swift exit all unbeknownst to the rest of their team.

The Tactician can capture Spawn Points, giving his team tactical advantage when deploying to the battlefield, and as secondary abilities can recon an area and call in air sentries. Air sentries have been given quite an overhaul, since they are actually useful this time around and will take out enemies, rather than just being an easy target for the enemy to practice their aim on.

Being the hands-on type of class, the Engineer can repair ammo crates and mounted weapons, as well as placing his own Sentry Turrets. He’s an essential part of the team for securing areas, keeping everyone supplied with ammunition, and providing heavy fire support.

Each class has 3 primary weapons, such as the STA11 SMG, M224-1A LMG, LS13 Shotgun, and several others. A new addition to your arsenal is the secondary weapons, such as the aptly-named Battle Pistol (which fires grenades), Shotgun Pistol, and the silenced M66 Machine Pistol. The standard STA18 Pistol is making a return, along with the M4 Revolver and the VC9 Missile Launcher.

Just For You, With Love

As you can tell, a class system is still very active in Killzone 3, but certain things have been changed. Each class will start off with just one basic weapon and ability, and each time you rank up you will receive one or more unlock points. These can be put towards unlocking further abilities (each class has six in total) or weapons. Allowing you to unlock things in the order you wish gives you the freedom to approach the game in a way that suits you. If you want to be a fully kitted-out healing machine, stick all your unlock points into the Medic. Want that VC32 Sniper Rifle? The Marksman is where your points are headed. Aside from the different classes, there are also 45 ranks to work your way through, quite an improvement from the previous 15. Additionally, there are over 100 different medals and ribbons to earn in-game that will give you immediate benefits such as the ‘Silent Footsteps’ ribbon, which gives you...well, you can guess.

Arguably the best addition to the gameplay is the Brutal Melee Kills. If you manage to get right up to an enemy and press the melee button, an animation is activated that displays a gruesome kill using your bare hands. Depending on which class of enemy you are attacking and from which direction, the ensuing kills will vary. For example if you sneak up on an enemy from behind you might slit their throat, whilst if you approach from the front you could stab them in the face (it plays out far more exciting than it sounds). These kills are extremely satisfying and serve well to break up the gunfire. The victim’s camera also zooms out to a 3rd person perspective so they can witness their humiliation in all of its glory. The tension this element adds will become apparent when you hear some hushed footsteps with no visible threat to match.

Keep Your Finger On The Trigger

To sum up, Killzone 3 is shaping up to be one of the most promising titles of 2011 and a truly addictive experience. Unlocking all the class abilities and weapons, collecting ribbons and medals, and moving up through all 45 ranks will keep players hooked for a long time and will leave them wanting more. With the Beta already being as polished and as tight it is, with 4 months left before the final product is released, you can expect a high quality game. If the single-player segment of the game can match what I have played of the multiplayer, it looks like Guerrilla and Sony have a sure winner on their hands.