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Killzone 3


Hands-on impressions from the multiplayer beta

Maps (cntd)

Huge broken pipes lie half-uncovered throughout, leading up to the gigantic dam which surrounds this last section. The map is excellently crafted, fighting is rarely bottled up in a single area of the map and rather takes place all over, giving people good reason to traverse all the available corridors to get the drop on the enemy.

Corinth Highway is what appears to be a former city area of Helghan, set alongside a large river full or debris and rubble. I say “former” city since either heavy fighting has destroyed everything or it has witnessed a nuclear strike, which is more likely considering ash falls from the sky. Whilst not particularly complex, it is quite an enjoyable map just for its sheer scale, which makes it perfect for snipers who can use the crumbling remains of buildings as vantage points. The addition of Exos, which first debuted in Killzone 2’s single player, means you have to always be on your guard to ensure you avoid them, lest you meet an untimely death.

Finally there is the interestingly named Turbine Concourse SE-6. It appears to an industrial missile factory with trenches snaking around and under the map, and bases lying at either end. At the centre of it all stands a giant circular ring. It is what makes this map especially interesting since it will regularly begin to fire up. It pulls in strange green strands of light and once it has completely powered up, it triggers an EMP blast that disables all the electronics in the area. This includes your mini map and any bots you may have deployed, but the effects only last for around 30 seconds. Here you also have the ability to use the newly implemented Jetpacks, which allow you to boost into the air for a short period of time rather than allowing you to fly for unlimited spans. Using them to reach the higher sections of the level gives you a tactical edge, and being equipped with a machine gun with unlimited ammo ensures raining death from above is tremendous fun.

Game Modes

Warzone will be familiar to anyone who has played Killzone 2. A match consists of a number of rapidly changing objectives that have to be completed by both teams. These vary greatly with some examples being capturing and holding specific areas of the map, assassinating a member of the enemy team and couriering propaganda across the map. The ever-changing nature of this mode means there is something for everyone, whichever class you prefer to play as.

Guerrilla Warfare is your standard Team Deathmatch, with each side trying to rack up the most kills in the designated time. Operations is the name of a brand new mode. This story-driven gametype will pit the Helghast against the invading ISA. The latter must attempt to advance by completing a series of objectives such as using explosives to breach a barrier, or controlling specific areas of the map for a certain amount of time. What makes this mode stand out though is the presentation. Each time your team is given a new task, or accomplishes the last one (or fails it), a cinematic cut scene will be triggered. The characters will not just be any old generic soldiers though, but you, the player. The top players from the last mission will be featured in these scenes for everyone to see, and really help give you the feeling of being an important part of what is going on.


The Medic possesses the ability to revive fallen comrades, and can also activate a Medi-bot to hover alongside him, which will heal him and shooting at enemies until it’s destroyed, or the Medic dies.

The Marksman’s trademark ability is Cloak. This makes him invisible to the enemy unless he moves, shoots, or a reticule is centered on him. Additionally, the Scramble ability makes him invisible to the enemy’s radar, and can even deactivate it once this ability has been upgraded.