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Classes to choose from

Speaking of classes, let's talk some more about them. The first I'd like to tell you about is the Worker. The Worker starts with an axe which he can use to chop trees and rocks, which he brings back to the castle or to outposts that your team has captured so that he can upgrade hat machines, and therefore classes. He can also be used for destroying structures, as his axe does a good job of breaking springboards, catapults and other things the enemy might set up to infiltrate your castle. He can also be used for building these structures for his teammates. At his second and final upgrade he gets bombs, which are weak but have a fairly large radius and can therefore damage multiple targets at once. He's fun to play as, mostly because there's so much accomplishment and reward in upgrading classes. He does feel a little underpowered, though, but after all, he's a worker, not a fighter.

It can't be a class-based game without the Warrior. He's about what you'd expect. He has the most health and is the strongest, but he has no ranged attacks and no special abilities. He can perform a spin attack with his sword, and once upgraded he receives a spear, which can poke with, or for the full effect, you can dash at an enemy and then swipe at him. It's probably the strongest attack of any character in the game, if you can get close enough to perform it. It's not only helpful for killing, though. It's also useful when you're trying to run away from a blood-thirsty enemy Warrior.

The Wizard is probably one of the most underpowered classes in the game. You can whack with your staff, create a ring that heals teammates that are inside of it, freeze enemies for about two seconds and set people on fire. It sounds effective enough, but I actually didn't play as a wizard much because he was so weak. Hopefully the full game will improve the wizard's abilities, because he has the potential to be a lot of fun as long as he can actually kill – which at the moment, he really can't.

The Ranger is my favorite class of all. He obviously uses a bow, which is very fast, but somewhat weak. If you want to, though, you can charge the bow and send out a more powerful attack. At his second level he receives a very strong, but very slow shotgun (or blunderbuss) that takes a few seconds to reload/charge, but is extremely devastating. You can switch between the two for strategy, so, for example, you can attack with the gun and then quickly switch to your bow and finish your opponent with a rain of arrows.

The Priest can heal teammates, and not much else. He looks cool and all, but he's pretty weak. Well, until he upgrades, that is. After that, he can drain energy from enemies or cause a ring to appear around him that confuses anyone who walks into it, causing their character to run about aimlessly like an idiot for a short amount of time and ultimately making it difficult to do anything. I didn't have a lot of fun playing as the Priest, but that's probably because I prefer being on the front lines, killing everything and everyone in sight. If you're into the whole healing your team thing, you'll have fun with him, though.

Worth waiting for

So far, Fat Princess has really impressed me. It's no doubt the best game I've played from the PlayStation Store, and while it has its problems, most of them are things that will likely be fixed in the full game anyway. The graphics are fun to look at, the sound is fun to listen to, and the game is fun to play. The game will likely be somewhere in the $10 - $15 range, and for such a low price, you really should give Fat Princess a try when it's released. I love what I've played and I know for sure it won't disappoint those of you who have been looking forward to it since its announcement.