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F1 2011 review
Ryan Sandrey


Best F1 title ever!

As it oc-kers to me

The gameplay has seen various tweaks to make the driving a lot more realistic and true-to-life. Gone is the often unrealistic handling, replaced with a genuine F1-style aerodynamic handling system. As Formula 1 has seen a change in the rules and mechanics of the sport, F1 2011 has also kept up with the times, with the introduction of KERS and DRS - meaning the game possesses a more tactical drive than before. The improvements really make F1 2011 avoid the pitfall of other yearly titles and it actually feels different to its predecessor, something that only FIFA series seems to manage as well.

The noises that greet your ears in F1 2011 have also seen a change. Noticeably Ian Brown-less, the soundtrack lacks Manchester's favourite adopted son and the remix's infectious lyrics. Apart from this, the sound design is as strong as always, with engine sounds all faithfully replicated. The menu music, though not up to my tastes personally, has plenty to appeal to everyone, with bands such as My Chemical Romance bombarding your ears with 'music' in the menu screens between races.

Multiplayer Madness!

F1 2010 had a strong multiplayer following, particularly around launch. You'll be pleased to know that, despite poor first impressions, F1 2011 builds upon the success of last year. 'Poor first impressions?' I hear you scream. Yes. This is due to the bane of the console-gamer's existence: a VIP pass. Following an ever-increasing number of publishers who are forcing the end user to jump through hoops to play online, F1 2011 requires you to input the provided code to access the multiplayer. Apart from this, the online is an improvement on last years. Want a 24 car online race? You can... but not with 24 players - you can only have 16 players and 8 AI cars, but these are the usual limitations of console games online. Still, it's as close to a full race online as we've got, so kudos to Codemasters for that. As mentioned earlier, you can now do an online campaign with another friend, with both of you on the same team. Demanding a certain amount of commitment from each other throughout a 19 race season, people with the dedication and interest will enjoy the competition with their friends over the course of a season.

Those of you who don't have online access, or simply know real life people who will play the game with you, will be pleased to know that the local multiplayer is present (unlike its baffling absence in GRID), but only for two players. However, with the co-operative career and the presence of single race weekends, there is plenty to do with your mate in F1 2011, meaning it's the perfect addition to the family gamer's collection.

And there's the chequered flag!

Building on the success of last year's title, Codemasters have brought to the table a title that improves on the stellar offering we received in nearly every way. F1 2011 is a perfect addition to any racing fan's collection, with the abundance of game modes and tracks meaning there is plenty to do, enjoy and burn rubber on. Whilst not winning over many new fans, the game has cemented its position as the best Formula 1 game we have seen to date, which is a worthy achievement. Barring a few technical problems, F1 2011 will deservedly take its place amongst the likes of Gran Turismo 5 as one of the most stellar racing titles in 2011, and is the jewel in the crown for Codemasters' sterling racing pedigree.


fun score


A whole host of new modes, aesthetic changes and updates.


Graphical problems outside of the cars and tracks. Some irritating framerate drops. The presence of a VIP pass required to access online multiplayer. Split-screen support for only two players.