World in Conflict

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World in Conflict


What if Communism had never faltered?

Conflict? Look outside

If you like to see the World in Conflict then just look out your window because there is plenty of conflict going on out there and it is all free for the taking. Real world events can be rather sad and depressing however. That is why I like my World in Conflict to take place on my PC’s little computer screen. Stay tuned folks because developer Massive Entertainment along with publisher Sierra is introducing the much anticipated Real-Time Strategy game World in Conflict in mid September of this year. Conflict is the name of the game in this one and you can expect to see the horror of war explode before your very eyes in this alternate reality, Multiplayer Online game. As an added bonus, solitaire warriors can enjoy war at its best, (or worst) in a solid Single player action-packed game.

The story line in this world war game starts out in 1988 during the collapse of the old Soviet Unions. To make a long story short, instead of collapsing like it actually did back then, the Communist-dominated Soviet Union decides to take its frustrations out on the rest of the world by invading Eastern Europe first and then marching on to the heartland of the United States itself.

This war to end all wars is a no holds barred event where anything goes. That means dropping various munitions including that all time fan favorite napalm. It also means you could be waking up to a bad hair day when a nuke bomb explodes in your face. Of course every other conceivable machine of mayhem is included in this strategic slugfest so you will find yourself commanding different ground troop configurations along with air and vehicular ground assets.

Single player

If you prefer to play by yourself you simply choose whether you want to defend or play offence. The defensive team is the Americans along with her allies. As the defensive player you command all of the various forces and military hardware and need to accomplish the goal of pushing those evil Commies out of your territory. As the Communist force, you attempt to wipe your foe off the face of the earth, it is that simple. World in Conflict is similar to other blockbuster strategy hits such as Command & Conquer and Empire Earth. Yet it positions itself into a specific time in history where as the others are more or less general ‘space warring’ or world war fighting events that have no connection to history. I prefer a game such as World in Conflict mainly because I have some reference point in history that serves to enhance the imagery and imagination of what might have been.