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Wasteland 2


Nostalgic fan's wet dream

Attributes and skills (cntd)

One of the things that defined Wasteland back in its day was the freedom of choice it offered players. When faced with a door one could pick it, break it down, or blow it up. This freedom is still present in the sequel and I for one look forward to leaving every door in my path in crumbling ruins. In modern RPGs, there are few things more annoying than standing in front of a locked wooden door with a rogue who keeps failing to pick it and no option of having your berserker drive his axe through it.


Combat is turn-based and many variables influence your success, such as distance to target, its size, its movement rate, amount of cover, your skills, and your attributes. You will have to pay close attention to where your party members are standing during combat as team damage can occur if you neglect to move one of your characters out of another’s line of fire. Movement is determined by hexagonal squares and you will have the option of turning on an overlay during combat if you find that beneficial.

There is obviously a lot of work still to be done, but the game looks well on its way to being the nostalgic fan’s wet dream. A lot of talk has been focused on the developer’s choice not to include multiplayer and inXile has stated that it is not a matter of technical restraints, but a simple matter of design choice. This is a classic-style single-player RPG and that, at least to me, is a format that does not require multiplayer. They have hinted to some social elements, however, but whether these will be anything more than ways to share progression and events remains to be seen. I for one, however, would much rather have a polished single-player experience than the option of having someone ruin my day.

Free from censorship

Games like these wouldn’t be possible without crowd funding and it is truly awe inspiring to see more risky and adventurous projects being developed free from the censorship of bean counting bureaucratic publishers. People with the balls to take risks and create something new finally have a place to go with their ideas. That is not to say that this game features anything particularly new, but I can very well imagine a Porsche driving, Hugo Boss suited executive saying “nobody remembers this” while stamping a big red “REJECTED” on the project plan, asking for another Dragon Age instead. inXile should be commended for having the balls to reawaken this game and the community, you guys, should be equally commended for making it a reality.

Who knows, I may just dig up a copy of the old 1988 release and give it a play before this one comes out just to be able to say I’ve played it. I just hope inXile isn’t spreading itself too thin working on this and a sequel to the phenomenally successful Planescape: Torment at the same time.