Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

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Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf review
Quinn Levandoski


The Wolves are out

Put Your Heart in the Cards (cntd)

The cards that are present allow for quite a nice bit of variance in play strategy. Each armor style is going to play best the way itís meant to be played, but within that framework you can prioritize accurate weapons over higher damaging ones, add more movement cards, swap range for close quarters combat weapons, etc. In my earlier article I hoped that I would see more differentiated weapons, and Iím happy to say that I do. I enjoyed combat before, but Iíve been enjoying it even more now.

Easy to Pick Up and Die

Thereís a strange dichotomy present in which the gameís relatively straightforward and simple gameplay seems at odds with its long missions, which, void of checkpoints, will cause you to start over should you fail them at any point. The mechanics, which keep things simple, would be great for short-burst gameplay of a mission or two (which makes sense when youíre a mobile game), but as missions progressed a bit longer I did find myself wishing the game would include a bit more attack variety, some cover options, and perhaps some passive effects beyond those present. This is clearly more an issue with personal preference, though, and thereís plenty to enjoy as long as you donít go in expecting something with the depth of, say, the recent run of Shadowrun games.

Given the extremely reasonable price of Space Wolf, Iím impressed the amount of replayability present. Youíre going to get hours and hours out of the campaign, then you will want to try it with a different class, and that isnít even mentioning multiplayer battles. Iím not sure exactly whatís been tweaked and what hasnít, but my complaints about the insane difficulty spikes seem to be partly answered. With the ability to adjust difficulty itís possible to drop missions that are particularly nasty, even if it feels like a crime against the spirit of the game. Itís a hard game, which I like, but it still becomes incredibly frustrating when paired with the frustrating lack of checkpoints. I frequently had to replay missions that I was 15-20 or so minutes into, which is a lot more time in-game than it sounds like. I know that comes down to taste, though, and some are going to love it. For me, it can be a bit of a drag.

Back in its Early Access state I recommended picking up Warhammer 40k: Space Wolf for the large amount of content available at such a low price, and thereís been more than enough added to warrant its current asking price of $18 USD. Though it is sometimes frustrating, itís a good bit of fun that takes an interesting approach to the genre that you wonít find done any better elsewhere.


fun score


Easy to jump into for newcomers to the Warhammer universe, satisfying mix of combat and collectible card genres, in-game currency isnít too grindy.


The checkpoints are still spaced too far away.