Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes


Re-inventing the MMO

A Saga of Heroes

In 1999, a new era of computer gaming began with the quiet release of Everquest. Almost over night, the MMORPG genre exploded into a craze that now holds millions of players around the world in thrall. In 2002 after a continuing success with Everquest, two key Everquest developers, Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler founded Sigil Games Online with the vision to drive the evolution of online gaming forward with the development of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Sigil Games, comprised of an impressive and diverse mix of experience from many of the most popular online games such as EverQuest, EverQuest 2, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes and Matrix Online, brings veterans of the industry into the Vanguard team in efforts to make this next generation title as long lasting as it predecessor and to push MMO gaming forward to a new level.

The Vanguard Difference

There is no denying that the MMO genre is filled with more then its share of fantasy based titles. Some are half baked and disappear into the great server in the sky, while others stay for the long haul keeping loyal players despite the constant flow of newer and technically more advanced titles. So what is the big deal about Vanguard? Physically, yes, it?s just another fantasy MMO. There will be the same old races with the same old classes chasing after yet more monsters to exact vengeance upon. The true difference in vanguard is the vision with which it has been developed. Some look at Vanguard and only see an Everquest clone with new graphics. What they do not see is Sigils effort to restore something that the MMO genre has lost in its evolution, a sense of community. While some sit and raise an eyebrow at this, others are already grinning with anticipation as the memories of past friends and acquaintances rush back.

New twist to old school

Vanguard is going to introduce some new ideas and techniques that most MMOs have been getting wrong or missing the whole time. Let's start at the beginning though, character creation. Vanguard will have the most advanced character creation engine since Star Wars Galaxies. With an unheard of nineteen races to choose from and and near limitless combinations of just about every aspect of your character, it is safe to say that character uniqueness is assured. Traditional races are to be expected in vanguard. Humans (several breeds), dwarves, orcs, the entire family tree of elves, Gnomes and Halflings all make an appearance. They are also introducing a handful of exotic races such as the Vulmane (wolf people), the Kurashasa (cat people), Raki (fox people) and half giants. Even the Goblins are playable!

With so many races, there must be jobs for everyone. Never fear, for 15 playable classes will be available when the game goes live ranging from classic Paladin to the first appearance of the Psionicists and everything in between. The class system breaks up the 15 classes into 4 categories or ?roles?. These roles are Protective Fighters, Offensive Fighters, Healers and Arcane Casters. Each of the 15 classes are split among the Roles is which they best fit, such as Paladins and Dread Knights being Protective in nature and the Berserker, Monks and Rogues being offensive.

The world of the living

The world of Telon is an enormous world and is very alive. It is not simply populated with NPCs and monsters to chase around, but the players themselves will help shape the map of the world with player built and owned structures and even cities. Player built structures will offer the player a chance to physically build a community within the game world. Player structures can be residential, commercial or industrial in nature and are all capable of storage. Players can once again decorate their house with items, trophies and junk found during their travels.

Tradeskills play a huge part in the world of Vanguard. Although the economy in the game will be a player/npc driven hybrid, it will still depend greatly on players generating goods. The system is so complex that it is a mini-game all in itself. Those who truly enjoy well thought-out crafting will once again be able to open their shops in time and sell their wares to the playing populace.