Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 review


Return to the city of sin

Goodbye S.O.D.

The sequel once again doesnít live up to the simple statement the gameís title express. Not half the game happens in different parts of the world but even when in Vegas itís not necessarily in a casino! Who doesnít want to shoot people at the Mirage? Imagine interrupting a Cirque du Soleil performance because terrorists entered the hall! That may blow things a little out of proportion but itís all good because itís fun and nice to look at.

Youíll spend most of the game at daytime so no neon lights and signs over the Strip this time. Itís a shame, really, because while Vegas was fairly pretty for its time, Vegas 2 is just antique and without being wowed by the prettiness of nighttime Vegas, it shows.

Standard features like lip-synch look broken, working on plot dialogues but acting bizarrely when Bishop gives orders and their squad mates roger them. Civilian models are awful and have clearly the same animations for women and men, which ends up looking pretty disturbing. While the graphics have certainly received a small but noticeable lifting and the frame rate is pretty solid, bad implementation like mentioned above divert the player from the actual situations because those issues are right in your face so you canít not notice. Unfortunately but to no surprise being it a console port, the graphical settings are incredibly limited as well.

The sound has its ups and downs. Bishopís voice is spot on but Jung and Walters have to get the socks out of their mouths. Thereís still no option to set subtitles on so you have to rely on your ability to decipher their blabbering in between the booms and bangs from grenades and gunfire. The weaponry sounds terrific, especially shotguns. You will notice that the main screen theme is very epic and sets the tone perfectly for some multi player action.

All in

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 doesnít reinvent the wheel but it sticks to the core elements that made its previous installment work. It improves upon them, delivering a reencounter with a familiar yet revamped gameplay. A.C.E.S. works beautifully and the shootouts feel refined. It does feels more like an expansion than a sequel though and it doesnít include anything worth rebuying for console owners. A sequel is supposed to exceed its predecessor on all fronts and that is definitely not the case with Vegas 2. But all ifs aside, fans of tactical shooters that donít own a 360 or a PS3 should definitely pay Vegas a visit in its sequel, even if itís just for the multi player.


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