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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 review


Return to the city of sin


Speaking of armor, like the previous Vegas’ multi player component, there’s an outfitting option in Vegas 2. Shoulder pads, vests and the like add to your protection stat as they deplete your mobility stat. Since Vegas 2 has sprinting, low mobility means you can sprint shorter distances.

Not only the armor, but your whole character is customizable to some degree with different outfits and camouflage patterns, masks and glasses. You can also customize the look of your character: choosing between male and female, picking from a couple of face templates and facial hair. Unfortunately, it’s pretty limited without an advanced faces customization option nor any accessories or traits to give your character more actual character. You can always use a picture of yourself so if you consider yourself prettier than the presets -and trust me, you will-.

Gabriel’s evil. We get it.

On the plot side of the game, Vegas 2 takes you to several events through the Rainbow history; previous, during and post the first Vegas, ultimately closing the Vegas chapter of the series. You play as newcomer team leader Bishop with Logan and Gabriel as rookies under your command. The story kicks off before the events of Vegas.

After this prologue, Jung and Walters make a not so warm comeback. The game runs almost parallel to its predecessor until it finally concludes. The plot is pretty weak for a Tom Clancy game as it doesn’t get more intricate nor are other big players introduced. It just ends. Gabriel is evil. Put him down. The single player campaign is unrewarding and forgettable from a story standpoint -but not from a gameplay perspective-. After its roughly 10 hours there’s little to make you replay unless you would like to play the full campaign with a buddy online or LAN. In fact, I’d advise you to play it with a friend and ditch the single player campaign altogether.

Multi player

Multi player is even more amazing than Vegas’ thanks to the A.C.E.S. constant positive feedback and the possibility of earning experience while playing with friends. Terrorist hunt is more or less the same as it was but has the option of joining a team of other 3 players now as opposed to regular co-op’s two player cap. Competitive multi player is as great as ever with the number of new maps lifted to thirteen and two new adversarial modes, Team Leader and Attack and Defend, as well as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Total Conquest. Team Leader has two teams attempting to take out the other’s team leader, which brings a nice dynamic of taking care of two tasks at the same time – defending your VIP and eliminating the opposite. Attack and Defend consists on one team attempting to plant a bomb at certain map locations that the other team has to defend.

The multi player side of the game is easily the richest experience Vegas 2 has to offer and it’s where you will spend the most time because the varied game modes available, the PC “achievements” and A.C.E.S. bring enormous replayability to the table.


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