The First Templar

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The First Templar


Knight Templar kicking butt with a heretic

Knight Templars arenít that bad

While there has always been a shroud of mystery surrounding the Templar order (there have been some wild theories about conspiracies) they arenít always the bad guys. In truth, the Knights Templars were one of the three knightly orders in Europe and no worse than any of the others. The only reason their reputation was soiled, and is nowadays still a source of many mysterious stories, was that King Philip IV of France saw their destruction as a way to get rid of the huge debts that he owed to the order, and pressured the church to disband the order and arrest its members.

Game developers Haemimont Games AD have clearly read their history books and they are creating an action adventure game about the Templar order. And, yes, this time they are the good guys.

In the late 13th century the Knights Templar were starting to lose their good standing with the church as corruption began to spread. More and more knights began to leave the order due to disputes and lack of purpose. Some went home and tried to continue their lives, while others drifted or became mercenaries, knowing nothing else but violence and war. While some roamed the land killing and pillaging, others strived to remain valiant and honourable knights of the Knights Templar.

In The First Templar players will step into the shiny armour of a character known as the French Templar, about whom little is known, such as whether he is still a Templar or a roamer. With danger on the horizon, the player must set off on an adventure that will lead him into a deep and terrifying conspiracy concerning the Holy Grail. The French Templar wonít be alone on his quest, as a noblewoman, cast out and labelled a heretic, will join him on the quest to seek the truth.

Haemimont Games AD is known for making historically accurate strategy games, and they claim to be aiming to get The First Templar as historically correct as possible. However, as the trailers and images of the game feature a Templar fighting a giant troll... yes, very accurate if you live in Middle Earth (but there weren't Templars in Middle Earth! - Ed).

Two can play at that game

The First Templar is an action adventure hack 'n' slash with a deep combo system and light RPG elements. For God of War and Devil May Cry fans, the combo button mashing may not be as intricate and intense, but the gameís combat system is certainly created for lovers of constant sword swinging action. The game has been designed to constantly support co-operative play, allowing a friend to drop in and out whenever they like without pausing or restarting at a checkpoint. The French Templar will always fight beside the banished noblewoman during the game, meaning player two can jump into the hereticís feminine butt-kicking shoes. If co-op is not your thing though, the noblewomanís character will be controlled by the AI throughout the game.