The First Templar

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The First Templar


Knight Templar kicking butt with a heretic

Two can play at that game (cntd)

The French Templar is a warrior through and through, so expect to use heavy armour and strong sword and shield based attacks. On the other side of the spectrum, the noblewoman is a fast-moving, agile fighter, who will most likely be quick on her toes and dart about while striking precise killer blows. This should create a good level of balance between play styles, and since players in single-player mode can quickly switch back and forth between the two characters, there is plenty of room for preferred fighting methods.

As players slice their way through enemies they will receive orbs that can be used to initiate special attacks such as a power strike; a shield disabling move. Since The First Templar is built around co-operative play, the combo system is designed to work with another person (or A.I.), linking moves together to create a unique attack. For example, one character can hold an enemy down while the other goes in for the kill. This combat teamwork seems reminiscent of the fabled co-op play style seen in Army of Two. Hopefully there is a lot more freedom with the team-based attacks in The First Templar though.

The Holy... RPG

While The First Templar won't be boasting customisation on a grand scale, there will be a sprinkle of RPG element in it. Both the French Templar and the noblewoman will have separate “skill trees” boasting different abilities that suit their play styles. Instead of having pages and pages of stats or bars of upgradable abilities, the skill tree will, quite fittingly for the game’s content, be a skill cross.

At the start of the game the abilities will be set at 1, in the centre of the cross, but as the game progresses and the characters advance and improve, abilities can be upgraded along the cross. This suggests that there may only be four “special moves” per character and only a few of them can be upgraded. Or it could be that each line of the cross may be for a certain area such as, strength, range, agility and energy. However, this is sheer speculation as the skill cross concept has yet to be fully revealed by the developers. Either way, Haemimont Games AD hope that the slight RPG element will allow players their own personal fighting and play method so that they can approach the game in their own way.

Dead Templar

The First Templar has been in development for a little while and there is still not much known about it. With an estimated release date of the first quarter of 2011, it’s pretty easy to assume that the game might get pushed back, unless there is a sudden burst of news in the coming days. While The First Templar looks promising, if will have to be extremely good to stand up to the likes of Assassin’s Creed and God of War. The potential is there and we can just hope it doesn’t get wasted.