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Tabula Rasa


NCSoft has brought us some very successful MMORPGs, this is another

Tabula Rasa: Latin for clean slate. That is all we were to the alien race known only as the Bane, a slate to be wiped clean from our native homeworld. In the upcoming high science fiction Tabula Rasa, you are a lone soldier in the Army of the Allied Free Sentients and your battle for your very existence is about to begin.

The enemy of my enemy, is my friend

Tabula Rasa is a fantastical science fiction voyage into the bleak and war stricken future that has the human species fighting for survival in an alien galaxy. It is the newest ?hot project? brought to you by NCSoft, who have published an impressive list of hit MMO?s over the last couple of years. Their track-record includes City of Heroes/Villains, Lineage, Guild Wars, and most recently Auto Assault.

In the distant future, when mankind is enjoying an age of enlightenment, Earth was ruthlessly attacked by a highly advanced species called, the Bane. Mankind, brought to the brink of extinction under the merciless onslaught of the Bane invasion, only survived through a miraculous twist of events. Whether by fate or design, humanity discovers a technology that allows for a precious few humans to escape extinction by traveling to alien worlds by way of wormholes.

With humanity scattered throughout an alien galaxy, the human refugees had little choice but to call their new surroundings home. Unfortunately, with a new home come new neighbors. The sentient natives of these planets have also been fighting the Bane and an alliance was quickly developed. And thus, the Army of the Allied Free Sentients was formed.

The AFS wants you!

Players will begin their career in the AFS as a recruit. Fresh out of boot, you have the basic skill and training that should keep you alive long enough to maybe see your next promotion. As a recruit, you fill the general role on the battlefield as the cannon fodder. During your time as a recruit you will learn about the world around you and how to interact with it and with your fellow soldiers. By accepting missions and becoming proficient by gaining experience, you will work your way up to your next promotion. In doing so, taking the first real step down a well thought out, yet very simple three-tiered advancement tree.

Even though all new players start as a basic recruit, it is not going to stay that way for long. While you combat foes and gain actual experience, you will progress in level which will award you will skill points that you can put toward enhancing or developing new or current skills and abilities. Once you reach the correct level, you will advance to the second tier, where you will be asked to make a choice between a Soldier and Specialist. Each class option has its own abilities and perks, but both are needed to create well rounded and balanced groups. In short, becoming a Soldier starts you down the road to becoming a combatant role where a Specialist is the Combat Support role. Both second tier classes are still general in nature, but still maintain unique abilities and powers.

Upon reaching tier three, you can make the final choice of class based on your previous decision of Soldier or Specialist. In the end, the basic four classes of any game, sci-fi, fantasy or otherwise are available. You will have the choice of a Commando for front line fire fights, Rangers who rely on stealth, the Biotech for when you really need a medic and a Sapper, which is your battlefield engineer.